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Slipping clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tequila.Sunrise, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. well changed my clutch friction plates, oil, adjusted the clutch cables and the bike slips at 3k

    before it was slipping at 5k
    and now im stumped at what it could be :?
    anyone have any ideas?
  2. I'm not familiar with your bike, but on mine there is a "ballscrew" under the front sprocket cover that also needs proper adjusting.

    my clutch used to slip at high revs until I adjusted it...
  3. I'm unsure as to what slipping clutch is. Can someone make a brief explanation.
  4. takagawa - the clutch is made up of (spinning) plates that are pushed together by springs. the clutch lever is used to pull them apart.

    when the clutch lever is out, the plates should be pushing against each-other hard enough so they spin at the same speed (as if they are locked together).

    if there isnt enough friction or the clutch lever is adjusted wrong, they wont "lock" and the engine will spin freely.
  5. Also could be a commonly overlooked part. Clutch springs. Check length of your springs and see if they are within spec. If you have been giving your clutch a hard time in the past, clutch spring do not live very long because of the heat tranferred to them.
  6. cool, thanks for the tips everyone..
  7. What type of oil are you useing?

    There used to be a story going around that you couldn't use oil with friction modifiers in wet clutch bikes.

    I'm not sure if the debate was ever resolved.

    I whink I also remember somthing about using only mineral oil when running in a clutch.
  8. I've been using shell synthetic bike oil (yes i know it's a ripoff), but havent had any trouble with clutch slipping after the adjusting.
  9. CBR1000rr Sliiping clutches

    I own two CBR1000rr's, one I ride and one my 23 yo son rides (pretty hard otherwise why would you need a CBR1000RR), he has just destroyed his clutch at 8000k and on mine (i'm a bit older and ride a fair bit more sedately) and at about 3000k's I went out to pass a car at about 100kph in top gear and wound on the throttle and it revved, I thought no way could it spin up at that speed in top gear, bearing in mind I weigh 130kilos, so it had to be a clutch slip, hasn't happened since. But as my sons ride has just spat a clutch I am concerned re the ability of my clutch to hold together.

    Any ideas, have any other CBR1000rr riders experienced the same problem. My Honda dealer says no warranty as he rides it too hard, my argyuments is if they sell and promote these bikes as road versions of race bikes they should be able to take a bit of stick. Honda were pretty quick to annouce it when they won a round of the Aust SBK on a virtually standard machine.
  10. Re: CBR1000rr Sliiping clutches

    Name the dealer. It's only fair
  11. Emrald - I know it sounds dumb, but are you sure your clutch is adjusted correctly? like you said, there's no way they should be slipping already...