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Solved Slipping clutch?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RedWings01, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, when I open up my throttle in first gear, my bike revs up really hard but with very little acceleration. After about a second or so, the revs drop down like im changing into another gear and it accelerates fine. Is this a slipping clutch? Also a ticking noise has recently started somewhere and i'm thinking its something in the clutch ticking. Without the clutch in, there is a small ticking noise. When I accelerate hard the ticking noise becomes louder and stays around until I next pull in the clutch lever. Then it becomes quieter the next time I take off again.

    Does this indicate a worn clutch? Or do I need to adjust something? My friction point is at like 90% with the lever out. I could put the lever maybe half a centimetre and my bike would freely roll in gear.

    I think I'll take it to a mechanic this week.

    Any other thoughts on what is going on?

  2. If your clutch is slipping under acceleration / load the plates are f&&ked.
  3. Make sure lever etc free play is correct first.
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  4. Yeah just adjusted it. It had almost no free play. I gave it about 13mm freeplay according to the manual. Its a lot better than before. Now the next issue is that something is rattling really hard when I rev my bike (fast acceleration etc) and it rattles an insane amount until the clutch lever is pulled again. The rattling minimises so its harder to notice. I am not sure if that is anything directly related to the clutch but I think I'll get the mechanic to have a look at it.

  5. Maybe you gave it a little to much freeplay, try lightly pulling in the clutch lever a fraction and see if it stops (and still doesn't slip). If so tighten it a little.
    Have you done an oil change recently, any metal filings or anything funky?

    The rattling noise could be a cam-chain tensioner or something stupid like that if it alters rattles with rpm and is bad when the engine is cold.
  6. Nope havent done anything to the bike. What I just checked was that the oil level is too high. I had someone sit on the bike upright and place their two feet on the ground. After that I had a look at the oil levels and it was too high. High enough that the level is higher than the small window. I see two dots which I assume is the low and high. It is way past the high...... is this causing my issues?

    Thanks for you help mate. Greatly appreciate it. I'm so close to taking it to a mechanic but having almost no time, would love to try to fix it myself. If the rattling noise doesn't damage the bike I don't really care if it rattles.