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Slippery Passengers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aldrich_87, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. So my pillion passengers keep sliding around, there isn't any grip handles on my bike so it's hard for them not to.

    Is there some sort of spray I could apply to my seats to make them more... ass friendly?

  2. .. there was a "Pillion retention device" posted on here a while ago!!.. maybe search and see if you can find it!! :wink:

    ..maybe a couple of nails?? lol

    Seriously tho, as an ex pillion I didn't like hanging onto the rider, I much preferred to hang onto the bike (however possible!!). I know there are tank handles available which make hanging onto sports bikes easier.

    I also find that leather pants grip the seat better than other materials.
  3. Pillion retention device. Oh man, I remember that. XD

    There's at least one company which makes grippy seat-covers for the pillion pad. I can't remember the name, but the intergoogles or eBay should be able to help with a bit of search-fu.
  4. 1) Go to Clark Rubber.
    2) Buy some thin grippy rubber matting.
    3) Wrap around pillion seat.
    4) Profit.
  5. Skateboard grip tape? :p
  6. Get a belt with hand grips on it, goes around your waist so nobody actually grabs on to you.. .when your going straight they can do whatever they like, when you go fully sik they grab on.
  7. Spray on contact adhesive will probably do the trick....
  8. Some sort of araldite/liquid nails should do the trick.. then when it comes time to stop you walk away leaving them there whilst laughing maniacally

    Wait 30 mins

    Either they are still there and will hate you for life
    They turn up leaving their pants behind... and will hate you for life


    Attach a button onto the front of your jacket which activates a vibrator conveniently placed inside the pillion seat, then hey presto she'll never let go again

  9. I got hold of a grippy seat cover (proper name escapes me) to put on the Hornet as my wife didn't feel too safe sliding around back there. No complaints/fear now and it cost around $20.
  10. Sport bike not really pillion friendly, the best solution is change to more seat up right or cruiser.
  11. Stop being a two wheeled taxi, that'll fix the problem ;)
  12. egay have 'grippy seat netting stuff' for pillion seats on most bikes :)
  13. Back in the days when I was a pillion rider, we put a sheepskin cover over the seat - worked beautifully!
  14. Search for "pillion" or "love" handles on eBay worldwide. ;)