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Slippery Grip

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bass_player, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. My left grip has lost its hold on the bars. Its now like having a throttle at both hands! :shock: Can anyone reccommend a product and where its available to get it to sit nice and tight?

  2. Have you just washed the bike with some sort of detergent or truck wash?

    My left hand grip does the same thing after I wash the bike but it goes back to normal after a few days. You've probably got something slippery under there and the problem may reoccur after a spot of rain.

    I'd guess if you pulled it off and cleaned underneath, it should go away until more goop gets in there. Should do the same myself, it doesn't feel real safe, does it?
  3. on my first bike 250 honda cb, the previous owner attached new girps, but he must of used some sort of soap to pull them on. every time it rained the grips would slip.

    take it off clean the surface's

    now if it is loose after that, new grips. :wink:
  4. Dry the bar and grip.... Spray alot of Hair Spray on the bar and then slide the grip back on... It will now stick.
  5. Plus your clutch will benefit from increased body and bounce.
  6. Cheers, its always been slippery but its just got worse lately. Ill give it a clean tonight. Thanks again.
  7. 2nded hairspray.
  8. 3rd hairspray. holds enough, but not so much that its hard to get off.
  9. Go down to Go-lo and grab a can of $2 clear aerosol spray paint and give the inside of the grip a quick spray before you slide it on, next morning it will be stuck hard.
  10. Rubber glue. Apply some to the metal handlebar, and slide the grip back on. You'll be right afer it sets.
  11. Gave it a clean last night now its good as new. Lots of gunk under the grip. Looked to be some sort of glue on the bar with lots of dirt inside the grip. The hairspray worked a treat to. Thanks again
  12. My goodness, hairspray has so many useful tricks.

    Also used to spray onyour legs when wearing pantyhose and your skirt is sticking to your legs. Hairspray has the opposite effect and makes the skirt slide :)