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slipper clutches?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by removed-6, May 2, 2007.

  1. Hope you guys can save me some research time. What year did each of the major 4 manufacturers start putting slipper clutches in their 600cc supersport bikes?

    Thanks if you can help with one or more of them, if you know off the top of your head. :)
  2. The 07 CBR600RR still doesn't have a slipper clutch if I remember correctly.
  3. C'mon guys, little help..................please.
  4. Wasn't it only the most recent ZX6R's that had slippers? I don't like them, they need too much constant attention to keep them working properly.

    You don't need one on the street and on the track you can turn the idle up plus give the throttle a big blip on the downshifts to smooth things out.

    The Corona SBK Superbike team a couple of years ago didn't have a slipper so they ran a 5000 rpm idle..... give that a go boys :LOL:

    Most people wouldn't know if theirs was working anyway. If one is changing down at high rpm with low throttle, I think they need to re adapt there riding style.

    Slipper clutch........ gimmick (me feels)
  5. The ZX6R came out with a slipper in 2005, cant help you with the rest.
  6. Thanks guys, so...

    ZX6 = 2005
    Honda = still not :?
    Yamaha = ??
    Suzuki = ??
  7. If you really want to know, ring up some dealers which sell the bikes. You can google their sites, grab the numbers, and have all your answers in 10 minutes.
  8. According to french magazine MotoRevue, the 2007 CBR 600 RR will be a completely radical MotoGP race replica, and will be aimed at the new R6. It will have a slipper clutch and, may even have some sort of electronic traction control