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Slipper clutch or not slipper clutch...that is the question!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hawkeye, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. For my next bike I am thinking of getting a supersports bike and have been reading reviews, tests etc to get an idea of pros and cons about these bikes.....the 4 Japanese plus the Triumph Daytona, before test riding them.

    Some of the bikes have a slipper clutch and I want to know what the owners of supersports bikes with and without a slipper clutch thought about them and are they worth having on the bike.
  2. '08 Daytona 675 I have

    Slipper clutch I do not

    I can only remember a handful of bad down shifting that has got my rear skipping - in 54,000km's... so in my opinion I don't think I'd miss it if I ever had one. Which brings me to my next point, I've never had one.

    Kinda useless post hey.

    IMHO I don't think you should be choosing a bike though on Slipper Clutch factor... :/ Just go the Daytona... ;)
  3. All sports bikes have slipper clutches. They just take a few hours of wheelies and burnouts before they start to work :D.
  4. Lol anyone ever called you a prick pat?
  5. mine doesnt but brothers does.

    learn to blip the throttle when shifting down and it has the same effect! Probably fine to have but i wouldnt say its a necessity
  6. It comes down to whether you'll be riding on the track much or not. If you're regularly be tracking it, then its one less thing to worry about when braking hard and shifting down when approaching a corner.

    I've not once had a situation on the road where it would have helped (on this bike).. Although on a twin it'd likely be more useful.
  7. just slip it yourself, thats what i do instead of forking out the coin for a slipper clutch.

    it is just one more thing to do on the bars though.
  8. And worse. Frequently :twisted:.
  9. Never had one, and pretty sure I've never ridden a bike with one, but from what I have read and heard, they're a worth while investment (and given my shitty coordination I'll probably be getting one).
  10. just learn to blip

    if you're on a track though... a slipper is awesome. Makes backing it in sooo much easier!
  11. blipping wont help much if you drop 3 gears at a time though.
  12. i was planning on posting this exact thread in a months time as I will be shopping for a superbike then. My concerns as per OP were that the 848 does not have a slipper but the R6 and ZX6 both do and they are my main options. So is the consensus that on street a slipper is pretty much never utilsed unless u are doing something quite ridiculous?
    after noticing the 848 was slipper-less, i almost disregarded it. but am happy to be talked back into it ;)
  13. I wouldn't buy a bike specifically for a slipper clutch.. It's a nice to have but certainly not needed for the road.. I have a K1 gixxer 1000 and a K8 gixxer 1000. The K8 has a slipper clutch, the K1 does not.. I would have bought the K8 regardless.. If you learn to shift gears properly as described in the above posts, it's really not needed.

    Through stupidness it is still easy to lock the rear wheel in the wet even with a slipper, trust me I've done it. so never rely on rider aids, improve your own skills is a better way to go
  14. It's a feature that's always worth having. BUT it wouldn't be that high on the list unless it was a track bike. Even then you can always go after-market for little expense if the need arises.

    I'd consider all the usual stuff (engine, suspension, ride position, price, look and feel, etc) way before the slipper.