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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by NoOrangeLeft, May 21, 2014.

  1. This happened back in March. It was just before 8pm when I left the office, taking the same route I have been riding (almost) every weekeday for the past 4 years, down Dudley St and turning left on to Wurundjeri Wy.

    As usual, I enter the corner (road surface here is notoriously uneven) at low speed. As usual, I entered on the right wheel track of the left lane (double-lane, one-way). As usual, I leant slightly towards the left. Everything was so familiar I felt like I could make this turn blindfolded. Everything was so familiar... except one thing: I didn't finish the turn and when I realised what had happened, I was on the ground and my bike was laying there 5 metres away from me.

    Picked myself up, then I started to feel pain on the left side of my body as the shock started to recede. Picked up the bike, pushed it to the roadside. Tried to collect my thoughts and assess the situation:

    Damage to bike: bent left foot peg, broken front left indicator, crooked handle bar.
    Damage to self: not-so-serious abrasions and bruises on left palm, wrist, and knee. (yes, with adequate gear on)
    End result: Bike repair $150 at E2W (Pete is a great bloke!). A trip to Alfred Hospital ER for check-up and x-ray ($0, covered by Medicare. Didn't go with TAC because of the $500+ excess). A visit to the police station to make a report. 3 days off work.

    Reason why all this had happened: Some fcuker has left a trail of oil spill in the middle of the road!!! It was a blind corner due to the overhead tram track which blocks not only the view but majority of the lights. Photo was taken from the opposite direction (where I came off) and there is a full height wall dividing the lanes I was on from the oncoming traffic and that wall was blocking that spotlight in the photo big time from where I entered.


    I was angry when it happened and just couldn't comprehend how and why that oil spill was left on the road and no one did anything about it. After a couple of days off at home, I calmed down a lil bit and thought things like this happened due to a series of chain events. Perhaps I should have paid more attention then I already had, someone could have put a warning sign there, someone should have sent their car/truck to service on schedule, etc, etc... coulda, woulda, shoulda. None of these happened so... there I was, laying in the middle of the road, smelling like a gas station. Unlucky I suppose.

    I did call VicRoads to report the condition while I was chilling in the ER waiting room.
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  2. Sympathies.
    FWIW, most oil spills are diesel tanks that don't seal or haven't been closed properly.
  3. Bad luck mate. Had a similar close call turning onto a road. Hit a patch of what I think was cleaning chemicals for the car washing place that was washed onto the road. Nice slide but kept it upright. Just lucky.
  4. Oh, and what I was going to say but forgot to include in the original post is that because of this accident, up until now (about 2 months later), I still do not have the full confidence I used to have when taking corners. I always second guess myself, the bike's ability, and the road condition at a corner... I know it is a mental block and will go away eventually but I don't know when. It's frustrating.
  5. Vic Roads are really good at clearing hazards like that, once reported. I guess no one else had reported it yet.
  6. Here's the number: 131 170 VICROADS. It's in their web site, well buried. Call this to report road issues. Everyone should have this in their phone. Yes they will dust the spill with "kitty litter" (absorbent). 132 500 will get the SES who will respond to Tree down/Traffic Hazard. Of course, we all know what OOO is for. Hopefully a call to 131 170 will save someone a call to OOO.
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  7. I was heading up Kariong Hill earlier this week and some guy in a ute appears to have overfilled his fuel tank and/or not closed it properly. Every time he went round a left-hand corner, fuel would be gushing from the tank. Needless to say, I blasted past him and left him in behind.

    Was pointless trying hand signals or anything, he couldn't see the tank from the drivers seat and wouldn't be checking that mirror while going round the bend. I'd have just been some douchebag rider trying to give him the finger or something.
  8. so oily