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Slip On Mufflers - universal?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by adinfinitum, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Question for the think-tank,

    I am unable, due to financial reasons, to upgrade my bike for a couple of years (impending marriage following by new house). I like my GS, but could use a bit of help to upgrade the plain jane to something a little more interesting.

    One thing I'd like is to release some of the twin sound currently hidden by the stock exhaust. Now there aren't many aftermarket parts made for my bike, (some, but not what I'm after) but I read somewhere that any slip-on muffler will work pretty much as well. I'm not after any great performance enhancement, just looks and sound - preferrably in carbon.

    Any ideas, suggestions, criticisms etc...

  2. No, they're not all UNIVERSAL but for olderschool bikes like yours there are some generic UJM ones that are.

    Back in the "good old days" they were pretty much universal and it was just different mounting strap lengths. These days they're very much made to model and the cost shows that.

    You should be able to pick up something about the right size and length at a wreckers and just get your local exhaust place to fab up some pipe to fit between the collector and the pipe.
  3. Thanks DT,

    Is "UJM" a brand?

    Anyone know of any good M/C wreckers in Syd west?
  4. UJM = Universal Japanese Motorcycle

    DOH, :facepalm:

    Disregard previous post Question 1.
  5. Yeah, that worked for me. Got an Over Racing Project exhaust from the wreckers in Melb for 180 fitted and it sounded great... BUT be careful there's not too much hacking and sawing going on and make sure to keep your old can in case you need it for RWC down the track. Wasn't a real issue on the Spada but could have been because they cut and shut th new one on.. Otherwise have a look at debaffling or just drilling some holes in the end.. I've heard Nice2BNaked's spada with a drilled stock pipe and it sounds hot for a 250, so 500 should sound great!

    Best of luck!
  6. Saved some cash,

    drilled 8 neat holes in the rear baffle. sounds much more serious now - still a 500 but nonetheless... it quietly growls.
  7. Glad to hear! Always nice when you get the result and don't have to spend big bux...
  8. I have a sv650 02 model....is it possible to use Slips ons for other model Suzuki's on my bike?
  9. I know I'm responding to an old post and it seems you don't even have the same bike anymore, but can I ask where exactly you drilled the holes? Obviously the muffler/baffle (whatever you call it), but it is covered by a stainless cover over approx 50% of the muffler. You just picked a spot that was not covered by the cover and drilled right through?

    You say it sounded much better, did it affect the carbs at all? (no re-jetting required) ? Like you I'd like some better sound at minimal cost.
  10. I had an 02 model.

    You can put on any muffler with the same diametre pipe. FYI you can get a leo vince or yoshimura, etc. for ~400-450 delivered from ebay
  11. Now I've confused myself. The baffle is the internal part of the muffler? So you're somehow removing the baffle, drilling holes, and putting it back in. You're not drilling external holes in the muffler itself?

    If this is the case how do you remove the baffle on a GS500?
  12. Drew,

    Not so complicated.

    Look at the rear of the muffler. You'll see 2 concentric circular flanges (ie: a pipe within a pipe). Beteween the inner and the outer pipe is a flat black sheet steel. This is the rear baffle. I just drilled a few holes in this. Careful - if you go overboard you will affect the performance. It causes less back pressure on the engine and you can lose torque. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have bothered really but then again, it did sound nicer :)
  13. Thanks for your reply. Can I please clarify the spot where you drilled the holes in the pic? I think it's the spot marked with red in the arrows. I assume they are only very small holes you made as there isn't much rool to get a drill bit in there.