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Slip on Exhaust.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Hobo, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,
    Im planning to get an Akra carbon slip on exhaust for my R6 09 just for looks and sound. I was reading up on some threads saying aftermarket exhaust may cause bike to run lean, and should consider getting a PCIII to fix the ratio. Im not sure if this is only for full systems or slip on aswell.
    So do i need a PCIII with my slip on to prevent it from running lean?

  2. If you're just putting a slip on muffler on, I (personally) definitely wouldn't bother with a PC3 + custom tune ($400 for a new PC3 from O/S, then $250ish for a custom map), UNLESS your power delivery is particularly twitchy, eg. if you've got strange spots in the revv range where it bogs down or lunging at constant throttle.

    My bike has pretty poor stock fueling, so getting a custom map was a no brainer and it smoothed things out nicely. Fuel economy takes a big hit though.
  3. i ordered an akra slip on for my 09 r6 already (hopefully its here soon). i looked into the power commander as well and decided against it, however my opinion could change after i put the exhaust on.
  4. I wouldn't have thought that a slip-on would make a huge difference. But I'd be keen to hear how you get on after putting the new can on.
  5. I have been considering the merits of this question, except that I am on an 05 R6 and thinking the Akrapovic carbon Slip on…
    If you leave all the baffles in, how would it compare/Would you need to remap?
  6. To have perfect or ideal fuelling, then yes you'd remap (although that said, getting a custom map for a completely stock bike will improve fuelling too). But in general a slip on wont make enough difference to require a remap. Not worth the cost (either of the pc3 + custom map, OR the extra fuel that you'll be burning as a result) unless you've got a few other mods/twitchy power delivery.
  7. I only ordered the exhaust for looks and sound, not performance. If you want power, then get a full exhaust system, atm none of the akra full system is road legal for an 09 R6. But i've read you only see a difference at top range, which means you'd probably be breaking the law from speeding in order to see the benefit, so you'd wouldn't care if it doesn't comply with the noise level :biker:.

    As to my prior question, i only asked if a slip on may cause the bike to run lean. and if i needed a fuel manager to prevent the bike from being damaged further down the track.
    Thanks phiz. for your reply