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Slip-on Exhaust Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by twowheelnut, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a new rider, currently own a 2011 Ninja 250R and I'm thinking of replacing the stock muffler with a slip-on can. I'm thinking Yoshimura or Akrapovic but no really sure what the dfferences are between the brands or indeed if one is better value for money than the other? Both seem pretty popular though.
    Discovered some threads on other forums saying that Two Brothers are crap...?

    Anyone care to offer their two-cents or advice on muffler upgrades? would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if anyone knows of a good place to pic one up in Melbourne?

    Cheers (y)
  2. If you are a new rider I assume you have either an L or a P plate on the back of your bike.

    So tell me why you want to make your bike noisier?

    Do you really want to attract more cops?

    My two-cents worth (plus GST) sez ride the bike as standard.
  3. Save the money for your non-lams bike.
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  4. Yeah the Ninja engine was designed for usability, not to sound good. Fitting an aftermarket muffler will only make it sound even more like a vintage tractor.
  5. Typical responses.
    He may have plenty of cash and likes a loud bike.
    Ignore them mate.
    Do some research and do it.
    The NR beige should never be heeded.
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  6. the NR beige also seem naive to the safety benefits of loud pipes.
  7. I'm not interested in loud pipes as a safety feature.
    Fluoro Termis ---uggh
  8. Oh no, not the "loud pipes are safer" bollocks again. :rolleyes:
    If you want to be obnoxiously loud fine - but please don't try and justify it as anything other than pure egotism.

    A Ninja engine is never going to sound good given its size/configuration/firing order - so can't see why anyone would want to draw even more attention to that fact.
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  9. I second this - I owned a 250RR once..had megaphone exhausts on them, loud as phuk, sounds like your going fast but one look and its like the sounds left you behind..not a good look.
  10. I see you haven't upgraded to anything better sounding.
  11. says the ignorant.
  12. You think ?
  13. I know.
    Based on your pure speculation..
  14. Hey guys thanks for your responses, who'd have thought such a topic would produce such debate... (tumbleweed rolls past)

    Seriously though, thanks for all your advice, views and comments from both sides of the fence. Im not really after a loud as phuk exhaust, if i wanted that id be riding a Harley. I guess im just after a better tone or even just SOME kind of exhaust note as the stock ninja can might as well be riding in the cone of silence!

    The comment on the Ninja engine sounding like a tractor may be a good point, being a newbie i dont have much experience on what engines are supposed to sound good or vice versa.

    Cheers all
  15. Speculation ?
    Hahahaha----your list of bikes is impressive.
    So my daughter reckons.
  16. Good to hear your level headed and open to advise.
    Unlike some who just trolls.

    Since it's your first bike, saving money for your next is the wiser choice.

    @BLABBUS TOOLICUS appreciate your daughter's taste, tell her I said thanks.
    She is definitely one of those apples that fell far away from the tree..good on her.
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  17. That's the best you can hope for. Problem lies in the fact the Ninja basically has both cylinders fire in quick succession, then has to wait a while before it makes power again. This is actually ideal for mechanical balance and rideability - but the downside is it does make it sound like an old tractor.
  18. I own a ninja 250, have had both a danmoto (shit), and a two bros (good quality, still shit, but got it cheap so who cares). I managed to put an eBay baffle in the two bros to get it sounding closer to stock, but just a bit louder and deeper. Before it all you heard was 'BRAAAAPPPPP' when going down the freeway.

    Honestly though unless you want to sound like an amplified fart it's pointless :)
  19. She's only 3 you loser.
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