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Slip on exhaust - for commuting?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Howdy folks,

    I'm looking around at shiny new bikes, and one sales guy recommended replacing the stock (chunky kawasaki) exhaust for an arrow slip on; reckoned that it would add pick up in the low-middle range, nice and useful for commuting.

    Just wondering to what extent that is salesman spin for some extra money on a sale? Or is it worth considering, even for a bike that will never see a track?

  2. Not sure what it would mean for your bike in particular but I wouldn't just write this off as salesman spin. A question worth asking though is way specifically Arrow?

    I put some staintunes on my breva and although not a huge leap in performance it was certainly clear that there was an improvement. PS got mine second hand from ebay for $200 can't ask for a better deal on a $1200 retail set.
  3. When you're only commuting, then as long as the exhaust looks good and sounds good.. its perfect.
  4. An aftermarket exhaust for commuting would probably be better as opposed to a stock exhaust just for the fact that people should be able to hear you.
  5. makes a diference with a power commander properly mapped and a high flow air filter.
    for commuting , louder the better.
    for weekend riding in Victoria, no such thing as an aftermarket can they won't defect
  6. Just got myself a screamin demon for my cbr250.

    Sounds awesome, hopefully not tooooo loud though.

    If I may hijack thread temporarily, how loud is defectable loud, what are the consequences of a defect? Say, theoretically, my mate is on a good behaviour bond for driving(/riding), would a defect jeopardize his licence?
  7. Another option is an Akra !
  8. If you want it for commuting go the IXIL Dual Hyperlow - It's the loudest pipe I've found for the z750

  9. Those screamin demon can's on CBR's are stupidly loud. Actually, most aftermarket cans on a cbr are rather loud.
    If a cop thinhks that the noise is excessive from your bike then he can issue you with a notice to get it checked out at an EPA approved workshop to make sure it complies.
    Don't think the defect would effect you "mates" driving record...........