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Sliding 15-20m Up the road.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Fa1c0n, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. FIRST OFF - EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE - I cant remeber if NR filters the Sware words and I CBF filtering myself right now.

    So riding to the station the other day to get to work.
    Wet day, dark, but still... I have a freakin light...

    So me and the woman who tried to kill me are heading towards eachother on our respective sides of the road and she decided that the park on my side of the road is what she wanted and she couldnt wait...
    (see attached image)

    Shooting across infront of me I swerve to avoid her, feel the bike loosing it, so i prepare to slide up the road. Hitting the deck it gets a bit blurry from here.... But ill give it my best.

    My years of motorcross kicked in as i swerved out of her way, laying the bike down instead of going over the top I slid into my landing position. One of my hands is on the road (with a glove on) and the other is still holding on for dear life. One leg stuck under the bike and the other over the top i slide up the road.

    The next thing i know im standing up screaming at the car that cut me off.
    Luckily, im not too bad.... Been at home for the last 2 days, backs ****ed, legs are ****ed, necks ****ed.... But no visible damage thanks to my gear... Just muscular shit.

    The cops show up, she is at fault and is issued a fine, Details are exchanged and her insurance is paying for my stuff.
    The damage is $2.5k..... Hoping my bike will look brand new!

    I looked at the marks in the road from my slide and they are about 15-20 meters long. I narrowly missed two land islands with square gutters, thank my stars!

    I AM NO LESS ENTHUSIASTIC. I love motorbikes, i live and breath them. They are my life.

    Thankfully, my gear protected my skin, unfortunatly they couldnt protect my bones and muscles.

    Any questions just ask.

  2. There are so many tools on the road. Yesterday a cager slammed the breaks on for no apparent reason and his break lights didn't work. Thank god for the ABS and a bit of distance. I knocked on his window ready to give him a gob full but he just took off. Good to hear your ok
  3. ...that car spot looks awfully small for the car? Did she fit in?

    On a more serious note, sorry about your crash and wish you a speedy recovery. Good to hear you came out relatively unharmed though :).
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  4. glad you ok bloke, I lost a b1 11oo, to this effort by a car driver but she didn't stop
  5. Mate, no broken bones or dislocations? You're pretty lucky, but you don't need me to tell you that. I think she got off very lightly with just a fine.
  6. Maybe car drivers who do such things should be charged with attempted murder?

    Glad you are ok, sorry to hear about the bike being hurt.
  7. Make sure you have ALL your gear replaced at her insurance companies expense!

    Glad your mostly ok :)
  8. love the sketch!
  9. Sooo... new bike?
  10. Glad you are Ok mate.

    Dozy drivers are a bane of us all but attempted murder requires a test of "Specific Intent" under the law which you can't claim in this case. Even Involuntary manslaughter requires recklessness or criminal negligence to be proven. This is a little greyer in interpretation.

    Dangerous driving would be the charge if the OP had been injured seriously. Negligent driving is a possibility but from the Victorian crimes act the court would need to be convinced that

    by driving a motor vehicle, the person failed unjustifiably and to a gross degree, to observe the standard of care of which a reasonable person would have observed in all of the circumstances of the case.

    Unfortunately for motorcyclists courts take a lot of convincing of that point so most drivers even if the act in a manner we believe to be without care the courts do not find that. I don't defend that state its just they way it seems to be. :(
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  11. Good you walked away.
    First. Let go the bike, You can get tangled up in it,
    Spinning tyres will eat your leathers and you,
    The bike can crush you, or burn you, even in full leathers,

    It will slide further than you will, It may even clear obstacles that you might otherwise have hit,

    The one I do want to tell you, Is,
    if you are sliding, you have that down Pat, Is, you can roll your body over, Flick it over, If you see a gutter or post or some thing solid coming up.

    It is usually enough to miss that sudden stop.
    You can also bend your body from one end or the other, to lift your leading edge so it clears the object and will allow you to slide over it,

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  12. Clearly you must have been speeding or that woman would have easily seen you and never turned in front of you..if only you have been doing the speed limit this would never have happened....or at least thats the way TAC's distorted view of road accidents sees it.
  13. probably his bike was over maintained anyway...
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  14. Thanks for sharing mate. At least you weren't on an R1. I hear they have crap brakes!
    Did she say anything at the time? We're her lights on?
    We're you behind a car or was the road clear on your side?

    Cheers Cam
  15. Sorry to hear about the bike, but the main thing is that you were not seriously hurt. Bikes can be replaced, but people can't.
  16. The bike is being traded in for my Harley in about 2 weeks... So i wanna get it fixed first!

    I was behind a car... but like 15 Meters behind it.... She could have easily seen me........
    She even said "I saw your headlight but not you"...... If she saw my headlight why did she still go?
  17. sorry to hear mate, good that everything is on the mend and hope its all sorted soon.
    were you going fast? what gear were you wearing and how did it hold up?
  18. I was doing the speed limit, which thankfully was quite low. 50km.

    I was wearing and how I rate them:
    Dririder leather gloves - 5/5 - They stayed on and protected my hands
    Draggin Jeans - 5/5 - All skin was intact
    Dririder Climate control pro - 5/5 - Keeps me the right temprature and keeps me alive.
    M2R Open Face - 5/5 - Did the job
    Ching-chong-china Leather work boots - 5/5 - I still have feet :p
  19. At least she stopped.
    You can't even take that for granted these days.
    So many of them will try to do a runner.
  20. I need to get a camera rolling. One day this will happen to me (again :( ) and I'll hopefully be able to post it on the TACs facebook page.