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Slider Board

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bluestar, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. I made a device that has made it so easy to move bikes around in a tight space, I wont wank on about it, but you save the three million point turn of moving bikes in a garage, whatever! Anyway, work it out, roll the back wheel on it, hit the back brake, and just nudge(slide) the arse end around to a better location, go forward, and more less, whatever, I think people get the picture. It works, I have two bikes, live in a villa lot, have a small paved yard, and this has been great to align them ready for the next departure when wheeling in forward is hampered by making an arse about selection...Its ply, high friction resistant plastic feet , and grip tape...

  2. Dude... sounds interesting... I could use something like that myself...

    your attachment didn't work... try to post it again!
  3. Id like to, but I cant work out how to attach a pic, just txt me 0418572344, and Ill sms the pic, I cant be f#$ked with wank of trying to help people out and post a simple pic...
  4. Why not have a try at fixing the image link. We're interested to see what you've made. At the moment you have your email address appended to this site's base URL as the image link.
    Put the photo on a photo hosting site like Photobucket, grab the direct link to the photo and paste it into the image link in the message.
  5. yes, its much like that, except its just a piece of five ply, 50mm square by 10mm thick high wear resistant plastic feet araldite to base corners and top it traction tape. I cant seem to upload a pictue, any help from senior users of this site would be appreciated,
  6. Ingenious, I have never been game to spin mine on the side stand like the bike shop guys do and I am so sick of the twenty point turn avoiding the lawn mower, the other cars etc.

  7. Its cheap, and make sure you round the corners of the plastic well so it dont catch on pavers etc, I use mine on pavers, even a squirt of water across it makes it easier.
  8. Ah pictures help, I like it. I move my rear in little hops pulling up on the pillion handles with the front brake squeezed- on a steep driveway. All a bit of a stretch worried I'm gunna drop it one of these days.
  9. Nice ... where did you buy the high wear resistant plastic?
  10. Looks like pieces of chopping board (kitchen thingy)?
  11. Grab handlebars and front brake, lean bike over onto your hip, front wheel and sidestand and pivot to where its needed. Doesnt work so well on harleys with the sidestand so far forward.
    That board is brilliant, simple and easy to use. When it gets too hard to use the sidestand I'll make one. Thanks for the tip....
  12. I found the plastic at work, its very hard to cut with any hand tools, seems high density, high wear resistant, not sure of its name, consult a plastics retailer.
  13. Looks like teflon.