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Slid Out Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nicholas, May 10, 2007.

  1. Yes, that’s right, some of you may be happy to here that I slid out today, but I'm completely all right.

    It has been a wet day today and I took a right hand turn into a side St. off a main road but hit a wet patch as I was halfway into the turn, the bike just gave way and did a nice little slide out at about 45km/h.

    I was wearing my Spyke sports jacket, the one in my avatar which prevented any abrasive injury, a pair of normal jeans with thermals underneath which also prevented any abrasions and a pair of chuck taylor hightop shoes, the ones with the reinforced rubber toes, which saved my right toes from any abrasions and a pair of Spyke leather gloves which saved my right hand from any abrasions. I love leather!

    All in all I came out sweet with no injuries what so ever! Next time I will keep and eye out for those wet patches!
  2. Cool glad you are OK.
  3. hmmmmmmm youve got to watch out for those pesky wet patches when it rains.
    the wet probably actually saved your leg. dry tarmac would have made roast beef of your leg right through your jeans and thermals. glad to hear you came out walking. hows the VTR? im guessing your bar end and brake levers are stuffed, not to mention your exhaust will look like a tin can thats been left in the backyard in a couple of weeks, perfect excuse to put that staintune on that it so thouroughly desrves

  4. Aarrggghh... those rotten learning experiences! I like the ones where you don't come off much better :grin:
    Glad you're ok, Nicholas.
  5. Yes the VTR, is in a state exactly how you described it!
  6. Mate, no one here would be happy to see you (or anyone) fall off. I'm glad to hear you are ok.
  7. well thats good to hear, if you have gotten out of it without any tank damage you have done well. any prang where you get out of it for under a grand is cheap in my books. just something else that you may have overlooked. get your front wheel off the ground (and no i dont mean pull a mono) and check if there is any brake drag, if there is, you might need to reallign your forks, and at worst you axel will be bent and will need replacing.
  8. I hate it when i hit the wet spot it is always so cold.
  9. Nicholas. I'm glad you came out of it ok.

    I'd be a bit wary of the reinforced rubber shoe caps for protection. My brother had an off way back in the 70's while wearing a similar pair of sneakers. I remember seeing the aftermath, a round hole punched straight through his shoe, probably by the car exhaust tip, which then sliced off his little toe.
  10. Not to sound like a rude bastard or anything, just curious as to all the details.

    - As you were going around the corner, were you and the bike leaning in, OR were you tipping the bike in and you were up right?

    - When you saw the wet patch, did you grab the brake (if so, which ones?), let off the throttle, or keep on the throttle?

    - When you felt the bike slide, were you still on the brake, were you on the power?

    - As the bike was falling, if you remember, were you holding on tight, or did you let go and relax, allowing the bike to go away from you?

    - Any other little details you can remember?

    I'm not asking these questions to be picky at your riding style or anything, but it would be interesting to know if with experience/knowledge if the problem could have been averted if you acted differently? :)
  11. No it’s ok, I rather like answering theses sort of questions.

    The wet patch was rather big, it lay in between the middle of a dividing main road. I took the corner leaning in whilst also leaning the bike at a smooth speed of about 45km/h. The wet patch was fresh and hadn't been driven over too many times by the looks of it, it may have been slightly gritty or oily, but couldn’t tell.

    When the bike started to slide there’s was nothing I could do to correct it, I slid out gracefully and let the bike slide away from me in a relaxed sort of fashion. I wasn't using any braking whilst cornering at all.

    The other thing was the corner was slightly off camber.

    Thanks for all the support and advice everyone.
  12. 5 crashes and counting... Hasn't cost me a cent. :LOL:
  13. nick, i wouldnt wish severe injury on my worst enemy and i dont think anyone here would either.

    keep up the luck!
  14. Next question, were you "speeding" or just going a bit too fast for the road conditions? :applause:
  15. hahaha Thomo lets not go down there again! hahaha

    Lets just conclude that I should have kept the bike more upright considering the conditions. but no, I wasn't speeding or even exceeding the speed limit.
  16. where about did it happen? which road in newi? wasnt the same corner as mine was it? :grin: glad to hear your ok
  17. and this is because just other day....
    to a fellow rider who had an ooops.

    welcome to the reality club mate, glad you are ok :)
  18. argh vtr again :grin:
  19. Henno

    I was on the charlestown bypass going towards charlestown from benetscreen, took the left exit ramp at Myall Rd then turned right at Marshall st where I slid out.

    Heres the google map link. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&....684429&spn=0.005951,0.008765&z=17&iwloc=addr
  20. Glad to hear your okay mate, I wrote off my bike while I was learning, same type of speeds, so glad your bike got out of it so easy.

    Word of warning though jeans sliding on a wet road a 45k's may hold up okay but in the dry it's a different story, maybe get a pair of Draggins atleast, I know it can be a big outlay($200) but I've only just got back to work after being off for 5 weeks waiting for skin to grow back I now wear 2 piece leathers.

    Keep it stick side down mate.