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slid out on corner this morning

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by stu75, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. i should have listened to dad , he told me not to lean it over too much
    anyhoo, i ve got a honda @ 125 , goes great , so well , in fact i forget its a scooter and start riding like mick doohan ,leaning in deep to corners

    so i got my just desserts (?) today
    i slid out on a corner in midland , hit the deck hard,
    and scratched up my new bike
    and my arms , quite a lot !

    lucky they arent broken tho :oops:

    so let my lesson be yours :LOL:
  2. Bugger, Stu.
  3. did a similar thing soon after i got my scooter mate, you'll learn. were you wearing a jacket when you lost it?
  4. You weren't wearing a protective jacket?
  5. i manage to get my kick stand to scrape on left hand corners..

    tend to remind myself to back off after that happens.

    be careful mate and tak eit easy next time ;)
  6. Sorry to hear that mate.. know how you feel...

    ride the same route to work everyday, (up terrys avenue to Mt Dandenong tourist Rd) to work...

    One day a fcuking dog ran out in front of me, second time this has happened, and i swerved to avoid the fcuking thing, and jacknifed my bike and flew over the handlebars..

    thank god i was wearing the leathers i bought a week ago..

    Scared the fcuk out of me so much i caugt a cab to work for a month..

    The mother in law gave me sooo much shit about " how dangerous it is to ride a bike and i told you so" that i got on my bike and started riding again and got my nerve back...

    Mind you, i only have gone on that road once again...

    And once again that fcuking mutt ran at me, but i didnt swerve away!!!!!
  7. aw bad luck darls... but you know everyone is going to flame you for scratching up your arms if your wernt wearing gear :roll:
  8. Parents usually know more mate :LOL:
  9. Hey there was a special section in the pre L's course I did which dealt specifically with what to do if a dog starts chasing you.

    I think the options were:

    a) Swerve wildly to avoid the dog
    b) Maintain your course and accelerate away
    c) kick the dog

    the instructor had a very hard time talking the group out of option 3.
  10. When I had my 250 honda some guys lab chased me. THis was somewhere in Coolaroo. I turned around and chased it. Up its drive and around and around the back yard Doing donuts. Guy comes out the back and starts screaming at me " What the hell are you doing"

    "Chasing your dog" "You can't do that" "Mate if he can chase me I sure as hell can chase him" I replied and rode off down his driveway leaving him standing there with his mouth open.

    Never got chased by that dog again.

    Mind you if I had been you I would have grabbed the mutt and not let him go till they had fixed my bike :)
  11. Geez, take it easy Disco-Stu.

    at least your not too badly hurt mate. (?)

    any real damage to the scoot other than the scratch?

    theres no reason why you cant lean right over on a scoot (up to its limits, like side stand), just like you can on a bike. Perhaps you were going too slow to keep it up on the lean?

    and by the sound if it......get a jacket and gloves.
  12. I think you should seriously consider selling it and buying a motorcycle. Scooters can be fun to ride around town (I have one specifically for sliding aroundthe backyard) but they have little wheels and lack the stability of a bike. If you want to ride like Mick Doohan, you should probably get the right equipment first. I can't remember the last time a scooter won the GP.

    That said, sorry to hear about the off. Hope you heal up soon. :)
  13. :grin:
    thx everyone for replies, yes my fault entirely and i didnt have a jacket on
    only a cotton shirt (doh) but when i slid the sleeve went up my arm so my arm was the bit sliding on the ground NUDE ! :LOL:
    got a nice cut,grind ?
    whats the word for it when you rub off skin on bitumen ?
    i have a decent armor jacket but wasnt wearing as it was humid monday

    hmm , maybe a yamaha tmax or a gilera nexus would be better for leaning over ?

    thanks again people :oops:
  14. Gravel rash. Bitumen Burn. Road Rash. Take ya pic.

    Always always wear a jacket. Been burnt far worse on the pushy than I ever have on a motorcycle
  15. well another example of how well your skin works to protect you.....oh well, bad luck and get well soon.

    Agree with others upgrade too a bike ;)
  16. don't know much about the Yam T-max but the Gilera Nexus is well wicked. it has to be the best scooter/sports bike hybrid on the market. go and try one out, they are a blast. Could consider the Suzuki Burgman, its a 650cc and very nice, even if a little big and heavy round town, but does have a pretty cool push button gear shifter or a fully auto mode.
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  18. Wait for the new Gilera Runner to come out. An importer told me early next year the Gilera Runner VXR 250cc will be available in Australia. Apparently its performance is better than the nexus especially being lighter.

    Hope you recover soon!