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Slick's new bike, sensible, red and bikini fairing WTF?!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. aVtjH5A.
    Yes yes yes...it has bikini fairing, which is gayer than 10 men kissing. If i decide to keep her for a decent period of time i may well piss it off...even though its so paractical

    Picked up this absolutley immaculate 98 Fazer with 23,000kms on the clock and 11months rego for much less than people spend on crappy 20 year old cbr250's ... which is a bit of a crime, but hey good for me.

    Id been looking for a nice commuter/light tourer that was still some fun in the twisties to complement having a motard enduro.

    After riding a whole bunch of bike way outside my budget (plenty of litrebikes and some commuters) i came across this little beast and after a testride i was sold, the fun(and practicality) per dollar ratio was just so much better then anything else out there.

    Ive just come back from putting about 300ks (mainly twisties, some city, some pillioning) on it. my initial impressions are:


    great engine- 95hp with a more usable midrange then any 600i4 i have ridden. it will sit on 3-4krpm all day and pull smoothly. just really smooth and effortless and pretty damn go-ey when the revs start to climb. sounds nice with the megacycle pipe roo :cool:

    Excelent brakes - straight off the R1...almost too good for the suspension :shock:

    Fuel range- its an 18l tank (the 02 model has a 22l) but the range for me coming off my last 3 bikes that have never seen 150 on their trip meter is just staggering. it has a fuel gauge and i just keep looking at the trip computer and expect to have to fill up and its no-where near empty. (i fill up the 525 every 80k's or so to be safe lol) :shock:

    comfort - fits me pretty well, comfy seat, good postition, upright yet forward enough to be sporty. some slight wrist pain after a couple of hrs but i have had this on every bike i have ever ridden.


    suspension - very commuterish (which is too be expected) but its just way too soft. slightest loss of momentum leads to a forward dive, which isnt much fun in corners. but it has some adjustments and i may try some stiffer oil and see what i can do.

    anyway it seems like it will be a great, bulletproof bike to rack up some serious k's on and i cant wait to start throw the old luggage on it and doing some touring :D

    its so ridiculously clean and unscratched...i wonder how long i can keep it that way
  2. oh yeah, forgot to mention:

    the gearbox is typical yamaha. notchier than hugh heffners bed post.

    but still nicer than any bike i have owned lol
  3. lol no way... next you will be buying a cruiser!!

    whats happening with the KTM?

    sounds like you got a great deal, congrats
  4. cheers,

    im thinking of selling it off as a dirtbike and keeping the motard gear and downgrading to a cheaper 2 stroke enduro that will just be for bush and motared for track.

    i cant justify paying 3rego's and i love the tard and want a smoker...so i think that could be the best of both worlds.

    if you want to upgrade your 400 let me know and ill cut you a good deal :D
  5. Re: Slicks new bike, sensible, red and bikini fairing WTF?!?

    Why? Who cares what others think? Best configuration of bike.
  6. enjoy the new ride, looks immac and dw about the fairing its really not that bad.
  7. Re: Slicks new bike, sensible, red and bikini fairing WTF?!?

    yeah i know. you cant see yourself when you are riding and i honestly don't really care what other people think.

    but i was preparing for the onslaught of people posting up quotes of me bagging out bikini fairing lol
  8. I'm a great believer in leaving 'em like the manufactuer made 'em, especially when it comes to integrated fairings. My vote is to keep it; you'll want it on trips, I can guarantee.

    Lovely bike, enjoy :).
  9. After decades of(what is now as boring as hell), fully faired machines that all look the same from one brand to the next, I quite like the bikini faired machines. Ok, some look a little dodgy, but like yours, there are plenty that look great.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but I would hazzard a guess that Honda's CBX750 started the(fashionable) bikini fairing movement(and is still a good looking bike even now I might add).

    Congrats on your new aquisition slick. Bike looks Mickey Mouse :cool: .
  10. Re: Slicks new bike, sensible, red and bikini fairing WTF?!?

    +1, the benefits of wind protection without having dismantle half the bike to maintain it.

    And looks hot on many bikes :) Mmmmmm SV :D
  11. 1981 Yamaha XS1100RS ( black ) had a bikini fairing, ( I know cause i had one ) also the GS1100G ? Suzuki again the same year? so the good old bikini fairing has been around for yonks now. Your bike is very nice- its got 2 wheels so thats all that matters . :)
  12. Nice looking bike.

    I am a newbie to bike lingo - what is bikini fairing ? - is it the fairing ONLY over the headlight/forks etc? as compared to full fairing ? ( as it is the only difference I can see b.w a naked and a fully faired bike )

  13. I'd actually call the Fazer a half fairing as it is frame mounted. What I'd call a Bikini fairing are the ones mounted to the forks, basically only covering the headlight and instrument.

    The BMW 90s had these bake in the mid-70s, as did the early Moto Guzzi Lemans, Ducati 900ss and Laverda SFC(the later two being frame mounted but quite low production models).

    It doesn't just provide better maintenance it proves the best riding too.
  14. Sounds like a practical, bullet proof fun machine!
    Enjoy mate!
  15. bit gay.. but i cant talk as i have looked at a few.
    nice work.
  16. yeah its basically the exact same bike as the hornet.

    bar a hp or 2, skinnier tyres and better brakes