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slicks lazy quick reviews er6n and z1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slickncghia, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. note: i imagined this all and in my dream it was on a closed circuit

    so say you are a hoon, who rides a high strung, race bred, short stroke, enduro supermotard. You might start thinking that perhaps you should be getting a bike that you can ride every day and tour on, relegating the tard to the track, dirt and twisties

    to be honest I really like riding different bikes... so i though why not start calling dealers and testing out some of the bikes ive been wanting to ride for a while. first off i thought i'd have a go at the kwaka stable.

    i really wanted to ride a zrx1200r...but theres none left to be had it seems :(

    Ive also had a fascination about the er6n's. i kinda like the looks and the reviews are kind to them. so heres my quick review.

    In person the bike (IMO) is just a really good looking bike, the demo was orange and it just fits together really well, I especially liked the offset rear suspension

    First impressions: the obvious ones. HEAVY and LOW. wow.

    its only been like 6 weeks since i had ridden my old 200kg+ rip snorting 8-hunge but strangly the 175kg thing feels heavy. but once im going it feels fine.

    The handlebars just felt too cramped and they were bent too far back almost like clipons on a sportsbike :roll:

    The suspension was surprisingly good on this thing and it handled very well, turned in and just held its line.

    Brakes were pretty good too, nothing amazing, much better than the Kato but that's not saying much.

    the one thing i was worried about with this bike was the lack of power, but my last 2 bikes have taught me that power on the stats sheet isnt everything.

    Sadly it was as i expected. Adequate :( for most people it would be enough although the lack of tourqe really was the killer for me. Once revved it picked up speed effortlessly and I always found myself going quicker that I realised.

    Wheelie factor: It wheelies pretty well in first however a reasonable tug on the bars was still required at the right time to get it up ;)

    Cruising at 100-110 the bike just seemed to be working a fraction too hard for me, there was just too much engine braking for it to be a good tourer

    overall great bike i really liked it, but i like a bike to have enough power to just putt around 70% of the time without raising a sweat and then when i ask it enough to scare the crap out of me.... the er6n just didnt have the X (or is it hp) factor that i needed.

    which lead me to hagle a test ride of a Z1000

    this is just a different beast all together.

    again, good looking, again even heavier, the position of the bars was nicer but i still think i would get an aftermarked set. I found my fellas always getting squashed into the tank on the Zed...not so much fun.

    the suspension was not as good at lower speeds, it always wanted to push wide. at higher speeds it was incredibly stable and just held its line.

    The brakes were excelent

    Now the most important thing...the engine. Wow, this is more like it. plenty in reserve...id wrap on the throttle in 3rd and look down and see big numbers appear very very fast. the engine was so smooth and had plenty of HP up top but more importantly it just had so much torque that i could cruise around in any gear and it would just keep on pulling without even the slightest chug...the fuelling on both bikes were great.

    Wheelie factor: in first it was a piece of cake. power wheelies were happening left right and centre and they were reasonably controllable. coming up in first was at higher speeds then a 4th gearer on the kato. 2nd gear under power too but the speeds were getting a bit high for my antics without clutch assistance.

    basically i just rode both bikes round for about 30-40 mins wheelieng the crap out of them...craply lol

    overall great great bike, so smooth. Probably wont be the bike i get but its pretty much ruined the chance for any sub 750 to get a look in.

    getting back on the 525 it was so high, raw and felt crazy light and crazy torqey. The KTM is just so much fun at lower speeds but its a real animal, you cant ride it soft, you cant cruise, you just have to grab it by the scruff of the kneck and rip the go stick. I mustve got home in record time, lofting the front, sliging the back...only to look at the dial and think its probably time for another service lol

    what bikes should i try next weekend? i like them naked but with some balls (in the least gay way possible) ...and preferably one that's not too pricey in case i just have to buy one after testing
  2. Wow indeed. Er-6, heavy?!? LOL, clearly the perception of weight is a very subjective thing...

    No, they really aren't. They really, truly are nothing like clip-ons on a sportsbike - I'm pretty sure of that because I like upright position with no weight on the wrists, and Er-6 suits me fine in this regard.

    I would go further and say they are pretty average in fact.

    well, it's not fair comparing it as you do to one liter Z1000 - of course it doesn't have the same torque. But it really has enough for everyday riding and as you noticed, it can go pretty well once revved up. As someone once noted, a road bike should be easy to ride easy and challenging to ride hard, rather than the other way around. I happen to agree.

    It's not that the engine works hard, it's just that this bike has a fair bit of vibration. Which is why reducing vibrations was one of the main things Kawasaki apparently worked on in 09 model.

    I have no idea what that means, seriously - I'm puzzled. If you find too much engine braking, surely you can adjust the revs? Oh wait, I think I get it - you treat the throttle as an on-off switch...
  3. Did his review make you feel less adequate?
  4. Totally. I sucked my thumb and cried like a baby.
    Then I promised myself to extend my penis by buying a literbike. Clearly that's the only way.
  5. I think his manhood has been questioned Joel.
  6. no need to be personally offended champ, i dont think the size of your manhood has anything to do with the capacity of your bike...or your post count ;)

    obviously it felt heavy....i was hopping off a 118kg bike :roll:

    at 110 i thought the bike had too much engine brakeing...meaning the slightest let off of the throttle meant it would slow down a fair bit....which i consider a negative in a tourer, but a positive in other areas. the er6n is not in the same leage for engine braking at my ktm.

    and yes FOR ME the bars were way to far bent back. i would obviously get used to them but I (the reviewer) much prefer a more upright position with more forward bars.... the er6's were pretty cramped back for a naked with flatbars. compared to say a bandit/z1000 ect ect ect

    and i was comparing the torque to other bikes i had ridden not just the thou. infact i hadnt ridden the Zed when i rode the er6.

    again FOR ME it didnt have enough torque down low and it couldn't (like the Zed did) make up for it with pure displacement. my last two bikes have had 54 and 50 hp respecivley but they had something extra, more attitude, plus probably more torque than the 6

    Like i said its a civilized bike that would suit most people, however i like my bikes to have a bit of something extra. dosent mean its a bad bike, just not for me and i know there are plenty out there who think along the same lines as me :roll:
  7. yeah they feel heavy im one to agree. they aren't heavy on paper but side to side flicking can take a little bit of effort.. i dont tend to be in a situation of flicking mine aournd that much but when i do you feel it takes a while to roll over. me thinks it is more a geometry thing than a weight issue. as for me at the moment this is no real issue.
    power - yeah a bit more wouldnt hurt but it has enough for putt putt commute and then a bit of a spurt here and there. if you're up for a run i find you just have to stay on it and not let it wind down.
    i wouldnt mind some bars that are more forward for the freeway but arounf town its pretty easy.. perfect mirror evasion height.
    as far a value goes they're pretty good.
  8. give the sv1000 a spin or i really like the carbie sv650 (the fuel injected one) i thought was a bit meh...
  9. being that they phased out the sv1000 i wonder if they would have any around at dealers though?

    but yeah i wouldnt mind trying a svthou and one of the new naked bandits, though again i dont reckon there would be any demo's out there yet
  10. yep most demo's of the 1000 are gone, i reckon you will have to find a shop with a s/h one....it's a bike people either love or hate, though from most who have ridden mine hate it :(
  11. yeah honestly i havent ridden a twin that i have liked yet.... and for me the looks of the sv are a tiny bit plain(like the new bandit too) but i have yet to ride a twin thousand. and with all reports the donk is what makes the bike

    but i do remember seing a blue svthou with twin ixil shorties on a ride once that just looked awesome
  12. I'm not much of a twin fan, but the SV1000 engine is great. So is the Moto Morini one.
  13. unless everyone starts donating me the $950's or you put in a good word for me at giz Loz (i might write better reviews if i was getting paid for it ;)) i feel the MM might be out of reach.

    i coming in on budget might mean having to take on a fighter build...but after the 800 experience of getting to meet just about all of victorias cops in a 6month period i kinda want something that wont cause me that many hassles
  14. I ave a 08 zed 1000, the 3 must have mods are ditching the bars for lower fatter bars, ditching the fender and ditching the boat anchors (mufflers)

    Your on the money with the suspension though, most guys swap out the rear shock for a zx10 and the forks for zx636 items.
  15. tell you what though an er6n would be just about the best commuter bike i can think of. and they can be had at a good price....its almost tempting lol
  16. you know you want one... :dance:
  17. Whatever you do, don't buy the ER6N new. Those things depreciate so much in the first year of ownership it's amazing.

    Just go for a big Motard Slick, you know you want to.
  18. Let me guess, you're still running the stock dirt front brake on the KTM!? :shock:
  19. ok my first post was kinda lined up to badmouth the er6....to throw you all off....as i was looking at getting a 2nd hand one as a commuter. good bike, shit bars is my only problem...but thats a $120 problem

    basically i was looking for something uber cheap, that was almost new and had fcuk all km's on it. i didnt care what it looked like or if it had scratches/imperfections as long as it was mechanically sound and going to last some serious commuting km's

    no way i was gonna spend 12k onroad for a new one.

    ive had 2 tards...and i will have more...but they are not good commuters...i look at the speedo after a weekend of riding around and its time for another service lol.

    and yes still running the stockies on the Kato, fine for the street and dirt but really rubbish for the track. (TT, south morang, tomorrow 10am if anyone tarders out there want to come allong)

    anyway lets just say i found something that fit my description. 2006, 10,000kms, and rego,rwc and some warranty left, excelent mechanically with a few love scrapes/scratches. for much less than the ive seen people pay for 20 year old cbr250 with some RR stickers on them

    sounds like a commuter to me. i think im sold
  20. I reckon there's lots of fun to be had on them ER6s. A fine bike, underrated I reckon.