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Slicks as road tyres?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dan, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Anyone here ever run slicks for ride days or general blats? (Good weather of course!) I was told by a mate a while back that he does it everynow and then...

  2. On the track.... Often
    On the road..... Never :shock:
  3. I saw a bloke up at Reefton on slicks not long ago.

    Illegal and all, but if it's not rainy I don't see a problem with it.
  4. Slicks take a lot longer to warm up and you need to keep them warm, none of this stop for a fag business when you go for a ride. They are no good for the road.
  5. Hey Damo! It's been a while mate!
  6. ^

    Wot he said.

    If you want to use slicks on the road, I'd book my hospital room in advance. They also only stay warm in places, ie if you reach the end of a nice long straight 100+ kph run the centre of the slick will be nice and toasty, but turn either way and you could be on your arse in a blink.
  7. Excuse my newbieness - but why is that a result of being a slick? I thought a slick just meant no tread, and tread was only useful in the wet. In dry conditions, isn't a slick going to give better grip?

    Or is it that slicks are also made from different compounds than road tyres, only providing their superior grip when warm?
  8. Hey Loz

    Need to catch up for a ride soon matey!


  9. Dounds good mate, how's that Kwaka going? Keeping the rubber side down?
  10. :wink: hole in one
  11. So obviously they are much better when at the optimum operating temp... But when not quite up to the optimum temp are they really that much worse than normal road tyres?
  12. double bingo
  13. Indeed, as pointed out, slicks are designed for racetracks. On a track, they are under far more stress, so warm up to optimum temperature (and stay there) quite easily.

    On the road, they would not do so. Unless you were just doing laps of Reefton or equivalent, they wouldn't have the same level of grip as road compounds.
  14. I've seen some of the chaps use tyrewarmers to keep their slicks to a reasonably consistent temperature between sessions on track days.
    And when its raining change over to a set of wet weather track tyres.
  15. My understanding of slicks was that they only have a certain number of "heat cycles" in them. After a certain time they will "go off" & will not grip as well no matter how warm you get them. This is the reason why the tyres on Motgp bikes start to slide around at the end of a race. They still have material or "tread" for want of a better term but the tyre compound has given its best.