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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. So what do people know of it or does anyone have funny sleepwalking stories.

    I never sleptwalk before but recently I have been. Last night was probably the worst case. Quite funny too. I got up and hung a leak in my inlaws toilet while they were sleeping. My missus asked me what I was doing on my way out and I replied with 'whats it look like I'm doing, pissing' then I woke up and said 'yeah, why would I do it there??????????????'

  2. I assume you mean in the ensuit?
  3. Yeah. Sorry. I speak-a the English very good.
  4. No worries. Don't recall ever sleep walking as such, but one night I got up at 2am to message my boss about something completely random. Luckily I guess, it only went to the last person I messaged.

    My mum had a good one though. Apparently she used to sleepwalk heaps and in one of these she was holding her pillow, walked into her brothers room and belted him over the head with it and then went back to bed.
  5. How far away do they live?
  6. nah, sold my house so living with inlaws atm. Wouldn't be so funny if I drove lol, but because its in the same house I find it funny.
  7. I got blind 1 night, went to bed, got up in my sleep and started pissing in the washing basket full of washed clothes in the bedroom, mrs said what are u doing, I said nothing and went back to bed with my feet on the pillow (opposite direction) woke up, mrs told me what I did, I fuggen laughed for hours
  8. my 6yo used to sleepwalk, nothing funny as such but she'd come out to the loungeroom or come wake me up and just stand there, wouldn't say or do anything other than that.
    sometimes she sleeps with her eyes slightly open too, does so since the day she was born and it still creeps me out
  9. Yeah it's quite freaky when kids sleep walk or sleep cry. When my 13yo was 6 or so she would start crying her eyes out and sit bolt upright in bed and you couldn't get any sense out of her and she wouldn't remember a thing about it in the morning.

    Now she just wakes up and talks complete nonsense. I've had long protracted conversations with her that usually make no sense and often end with her giggling like a psycho. Again no memory of it when she wakes next morning.

    Fun Ha!
  10. Yeah I'm pretty good at sleepwalking. I can hold conversations - not very well but still manage to speak clearly. Apparently I have been an auctioneer and sold my wife a house, thought I was a ghost and tried to walk through walls and once recited an ad very loudly out the window it was something about "calling all Australians" I don't know what the ad was for though. Then there was the time I tried to piss through a fly screen - that did not end well. Can't remember doing any of them but it freaks my wife out.
  11. I know a bloke who pissed in his housemate's tape deck one night.
  12. My kids have inherited my partners tendency for sleep activety. Talking and sleeping with eyes half shut is fairly common. The poor daughter used to have nigh terrors. It's quite unsettling to have your toddler, who can't articulate properly, waking in the middle of the night screaming.

    I've found the misses a many times jumping around on the bed trying to get away from giant spiders or similar.
  13. The older brother of one of my mates is a borderline alco, so I'm not sure if it counts as sleepwalking, but he used to get out of bed, walk into my mate's bedroom and piss in the corner pretty frequently. Usually it would be on a pile of dirty clothes, but my mate was livid one night when he found his school books covered in stale piss. The last straw was when his brother wandered into the kitchen one night, opened the oven door, dropped his pants, sat down, and proceeded to take a dump. My mate decided to move out after that one.

    Seriously though, sleepwalking can be bloody dangerous. When I was at high school, a bloke in my class broke his legs after falling through the trap door in the loft bedroom at the family holiday house in Metung. We all know how bad some motorcycle accidents can be, but he was fckin mess after that one. Apparently his legs got caught in the ladder as he fell though and there were multiple fractures and a bone or two sticking out. He was away from school for the best part of 6 months and when he came back all the drugs they'd had him on had made him really fat. He lost it all again once he stopped the medication, but still, I guess he was lucky he didn't kill himself.
  14. bwa haaaaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaa!!
  15. ^^ some how your username seems disturbingly appropriate...
  16. that's me there. insects, snakes, spiders, even a hand grenade once. things i'm not normally afraid of (well, can't talk for grenades, but not afraid of creepy-crawlies)
  17. Yep, I've always been a sleepwalker. I've been known to hold perfectly coherrent conversations with people, often get up in my sleep to get a beer or watch telly while sound asleep and occaisionally odd jobs around the house or garden. I've woken up in the shed, my car and other peoples beds with no idea how I'd got there.

    I never remember any of it. As a kid I used to drive my mum mad because she'd ask me to do things and I'd sit upright in bed and agree to the tasks in my sleep. When she'd come home, none of the jobs would be done because I had no memory of it and tell her she's gone demented or something when she had a go at me.

    The last time I was made aware of it was a few months ago. Shelley woke up in the middle of the night to find me in the hallway leaning hard against the wall shouting "Help me hold it, the bloody thing's going to fall over." She went back to bed. lol
  18. When I was a teenager I used to sleepwalk a lot. One night my parents had friends sleeping over. That night I dreamt I was trapped in a small room and something was blocking my exit. I struggled with opening up the exit so I could be free. I woke up as my duchess went crashing to the floor. My parents and their friends came in to see what made all the noise, saw my duchess (quite a big one) tipped over, mirror smashed, very embarrassing for me.
  19. I sleepwalk and talk.

    I wake up on the couch (after going to sleep in my bed) wearing different clothes, I move stuff around the house. My son is the same, apparently we have had yelling matches with each other in our sleep.
  20. we need some GoPro footage of this stuff :D bloody hilarious