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Sleeping positions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. It's 5am and I can't sleep, granted I only climbed into bed 20minutes ago but i've always wondered this.

    Why are some sleeping positions more comftable and vital to your sleep then others?? The reason its bugging me now is for some reason my hip is corked and I can't sleep on one side...

    I.e I can't sleep on my back solo, but I can sleep on my front and RHS no problems, and not so much on my LHS (I think the side difference is something to do with all the shoulder dislocations). Yet sometimes I wake up in strange positions that are all twisted and bent. If I have a female in bed with me, one of the only positions I can sleep is on my back...

    Anyone have any ideas why?? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but if I lay on my back I can lay here for hours... Yet roll to my side and it feels like i can sleep instantly...

  2. Feotal position.... you miss your mummy?? :bolt:

    I find that after being asleep if I wake up in the morning, I can lie comfortably in ANY position and get back to sleep no problems - not so easy at night. :D
  3. it's jiggy related

    so in your case, your body has been conditioned to have the woman on top, so now you can't sleep on your back...

    and you find spooning / cuddling boring :D
  4. Think less, drink more.
    Sleeping shouldn't be a problem then.
  5. You can spoon on the couch though!
  6. It depends on how you are used to sleeping. You can tell something is different and it makes you think, and that stops you sleeping. Also, sleeping in different positions puts stress on different parts of your body. I usually sleep under a pile of pillows!
  7. i like to sleep face down starfish position.
    if there is a female in my bed and we are not rooting, then why is she in my bed???
    she needs to GTFO
  8. sux sleeping on your stomach when u have a chubby, gets uncomftable
  9. =D>
    How do you sleep if you have a male in your bed? :p
  10. How do you think he got the corked leg?
  11. I've noticed the same thing. I can generally go to sleep pretty easy in most positions, but side just works so much better that I don't bother any other way. I favour my left side because it's facing the wall and I can form a much better heat cocoon that way. That's what it seems to be though, once my body or bed reaches an ideal temperature, I dance with the fairies. Magic dust fairies as opposed to cinnamon donut fairies.
  12. I cant fall asleep initially unless im on my back. Once asleep though im running a bed marathon and do 20 laps a night.
    I have a mildly bad back, doesnt give me grief often - couple times a year is all as im good at managing it... but conveniently when it is giving grief, i have to stay on my back, so i sleep like a baby despite it.

    P.S. why the fark is atgatt a tag for this thread? gotta remember to wear your jammies to bed? i squid in bed :angel:.
  13. I use that tag in a lot of threads I start... :p if anything, probably more referring to the pillion in the bed... ;)

    Chef, Devo, f-you... lol

    Mav; almost a good idea except I like been the bigger spoon in the morning... she gets a nice suprise... :twisted:

    Think this country is going to be the death of my liver, I do actually get better nights sleep is some what retarded the night before... hmmmm
  14. It may not hurt to go to a sleep clinic. I can give you a good name to run by your GP but it seems that you are not here in Oz. My memory is shot so I don't know where you are.

    Good luck with it.
  15. I'm in Scotland aye!

    Thanks you buy yeah I won't be back for some time, i'm looking at getting something similar to earmolds made up out of silicone, £100 fukn!! Wait till I get some more work to pay for that one...

    I think it may be because of all the noise, at home we virtually had none, here, muchly different story...

    Thanks but :)
  16. Hmm... some of his positions are funny - the first few cracked me up.
    Then it went downhill :p.
  17. I've always slept on my back with my arms under the pillow, next to my head and kind of pushing the pillow so my head is 'fully in' the pillow. Emma (my wife) looked it up a while ago for "personality of sleeping positions", it's a very uncommon one, something like 5% of people do it but I don't adhere to the personality traits that much, namely:
    1: I try to listen but I usually just go off talking as I usually just talk talk talk (when not in pain from my nerve damage these days), I actually have been helpful a lot though but I always usually am the centre of attention when out, just my personality. I also have never snored besides the odd cold/flu bout according to people and used to be a fanstastic sleeper, always slept 'easy' albeit not needing more than 4-6 hours most nights to feel fully rested, even during my teens etc. These days, I suffer from insomnia a lot but it's due to pain and/or pain meds routine I'm on so I really don't suit the personality according to "the starfish".

    Oh well, there's plenty of other people who can follow personality/traits according to their sleep, I'm not one of them.


    Oh yeah, also I just can't seem to sleep _at all_ if I try to sleep in any other way, it just feels wrong and annoys me enough so I won't sleep until I get into my usual position. I've always slept like that, no idea about as a kid but in my teens+, starfish it is for me.
  18. I slept on my stomach during my whole pregnancy! It was the ONLY way I could get some sleep.
  19. Wrong chubby love :)