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sleepers? do they exist in MB's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. we all know that there are sleepers in the car world. i had an old rusty escort panel van, blow me to the weeds in my hot twin cam celica many years ago.(i suspect he had a HUGE 2.0L turbo with quiet mufflers) he laughed so hard at the next lights im sure he must have pissed his pants.

    do they have motor bike sleepers? such as maybe a VESPA with 500-1000cc shoehorned in?

    i will limit my dumb questions to once a week.

  2. Yeah, they do exist, but its unusual. Probably not comfortable either.

  3. There are some 2-stroke scooters that can be suprising.

    years ago it was fairly common to see an 1100 find it's way into a gsxr750

    Some turbo systems can be very subtle.

    Hardleys can be made go very hards.

    So yeah, if straight line floats your boat there can be some suprises out there.
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  5. Ibast is right about the Harleys - get one with a big S&S motor and NO2 and you'll be left well behind.

    There's a BMW K100 in Sydney with a turbo - very fast indeed when it cuts in (and not very obvious). There's a lot of heavily modded sports bikes as well, ZX9s etc. can be changed from very fast to mind-numbingly fast. They don't usually look any different either...
  6. are you talking sleeper as in riding skill/twisty riding or just straight line performance?

    Know a couple of blokes who ride less common bikes that will hand you your ass on a platter in the twisties...one is vfr400, another strom1000, (motards are another style to watch out for) imo sleeper bikes more come down to the pilot rather then the bike
  7. Haven't come across any in Australia yet, but I'm sure they exist. Plenty in the UK, though. A Lambretta with an RD350YPVS (RZ350) powertrain squeezed in under the panelling and an old, old Triumph Tigress scooter with a Z1 lump spring immediately to mind. Then there was MrsB's Norton Commando MkIIA, finished in a tasteful shade of faded purple and Castrol's finest but with a motor sufficiently warm to leave pretty much any air-cooled Jap, apart from maybe a GSX1100, in it's wake at the lights. Turbos on otherwise stock air cooled fours went through a brief period of popularity too, until everyone realised that, in the real world, a sports 600 could leave any of them for dead.

    Thinking about it, sleepers do exist here. Ten years ago, I test rode a very cheap Yam FZ750. The tyres were near bald and frazzled all the way to the edges. Not a single piece of bodywork matched or fitted. Every steel part was rusty and all the ally was fluffy. A hollow, cobbled together 4-1 pipe robbed it of any midrange it might have had, pissed off anyone within 2km and generally made the thing gurgle and fart and misbehave. Everything about it screamed "Do not buy this bike!" Then it hit 10,000rpm and it just went "WHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". It was just un-bloody-believable. God alone knows what the cams looked like. When I returned it, I had a string of maniacal drool dangling from the chinbar of my helmet it was so much vicious fun.

    But I ended up walking away as a haggling tactic and, having misjudged, lost the deal. Probably as well, really.

  8. the essence of a true sleeper, is that it doesnt look hot, but when the lights go green....

    an extreme example would be a vespa with an R1 engine showhorned in, although the sound may be a giveaway!
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  10. This would have to be close then to the ultimate sleeper....

    The MTT Turbine Super bike also know as the Y2K. Weighing in at about 500 lb, this jet powered motorcycle uses a Rolls Royce Allison gas turbine engine to create over 320HP and 425 ft. lb. of torque, making it the most powerful (and most expensive) production motorcycle ever! So what does all that power equate to? Well if you can hang onto the handle bars long enough it will sling you from 0 to 217mph in 14 seconds and top out at around 250mph!

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  11. I'm not sure if that's really a sleeper, any more than, say, a Hayabusa. Now stick the powertrain in an old, twin-shock frame, or even a c1990 Jap chassis and you might have something........
  12. If it rolled up next to you, would you expect it to have a jet engine hidden behind the fairings??....
  13. i have the opposite problem, in the little time i have had my bike, people have come up to admire it, (Petrol stations/Cafes) they ask is it 750 or more?....then i tell em its a 250, and its like they seem disappointed and lose interest from that point on.

    its clear that in the MB world, the bigger the engine cc's, the bigger bulge you have in your pants, or bigger cleavage (ladies covered) in the MB world.
  14. Well, no, probably not, but even given that, it does look to be in the class of superbike where any extra performance is almost redundant. The difference between very fast indeed and mind-bendingly fast is pretty academic really.

    I agree that it's a rather exciting machine, but I stand by my opinion that its claim to sleeperdom is marginal.

    Old Brit twins are good in the opposite way. Most are physically tiny, particularly pre-1970 Triumphs and can be mistaken for 250s by those not familiar with them. Given a healthy 650 (or even a 500) and an on the ball rider, this can lead to a lot of fun at the lights. As long as the clutch doesn't melt, the timing doesn't slip or the gearbox doesn't jam in 2nd of course :grin:.
  15. Nope, the melting cars behind it really give it away.
  16. Yeah, I'mma say that the closest think you'd get to a sleeper would be a huge 2stroke dirtbike/motardie looking thing. Simply because you wouldn't be expecting it to take off like a bat outta hell. That would be the closest fit for the term I think.
  17. I suprised a few cars (and myself) on the AG100 when I had it :D 8-[

    I think the ultimate sleeper is made by a French workshop that take old Vespa's and make hybrid Vespa/KTM 300 2stroke rockets with insane power... was in MCTrader last year or the year before?
  18. Given the very loud roar of the gas turbine's exhaust - which sounds just a tiny bit like a taxiing jet fighter - I'd say it would be blatantly obvious that something was afoot. ;)

    The MTT Y2K looks nothing like any other sportsbike on the market and features a huge gas-turbine exhaust (I suspect it's the same one used when installed on a helicopter!), compromised rear swingarm, lack of mirrors and hideous bodywork.

    With respect, I would say the Y2K is the very definition of what not to do if you want to be a sleeper.

    That said, I reckon there's a whole host of factory-built "sleepers" out there. Quite a few boring, gentlemanly touring bikes with upright seating, barn-door windshields have engines, brakes and tyres stolen from high-powered sportsbikes. And even some of the adventure tourers are forgetting how to go offroad, in exchange for stupidly powerful engines and sticky sportsbike rubber. :)
  19. is the question sleeper from factory?

    big capacity honda cb's and yammies fit the bill, they look like courier bikes but can move when required