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Sleep Paralysis

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jan 5, 2012.

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  3. It used to happen to me a lot, I haven't slept on my back for about 10 years because of it. Haven't had an episode for a couple of years now, thankfully! I have to be careful to maintain fairly regular sleep patterns, and I make sure I get plenty of exercise etc. Jetlag is pretty much guaranteed to trigger it for me.

    When I was little I thought there was a ghost in my room, and that it would follow me wherever I went before trying to kill me in my sleep. I had hallucinations, seeing dark shapes and hearing growling sounds, and the feeling of a crushing weight on my chest, like something was trying to suffocate me. Even after I found out what sleep paralysis was it was still a frightening experience.
  4. Thanks for sharing - its a similar experience all sufferers get - its taken me 25 years to find out what the problem is
  5. Had 3 "episodes" in a row one night. I had read about the subject a few years before this happened, this would have happened 8? years ago?

    Wake up, pitch black, I'm lying flat on my back, arms down my side and legs straight, weird enough in it self as I sleep on my side curled up. Only part of my body I can move is my eyes, can see my alarm clock and nothing else, about 2 AM. Can't even make a noise. After a few minutes I work out it's sleep paralysis and start getting movement back in my fingers and hands. Then I sense there's something standing in the corner of the room. Can't see or hear it, i just know it's there and that It isn't good.

    Wake up again. Same position as last time, completely paralysed again, the thing from before is gone. About 15 minutes since I last looked at the clock so figure I was asleep for 10 minutes. Wondering WTF is going on this time, never heard about sleep paralysis like this before. After A while movement starts coming back again... and O SHIT THE THING IS STANDING BESIDE MY BED. F'KING PANIC.

    Bang. Wake up again. Quickly work out Iv'e been asleep for another 10~15 minutes. Same position and situation as before, thing has gone again. If I could make a noise I would have yelled for help by that piont. I would have screamed If I could as I feel something f'king big climb up my side then sit on my chest with its face just inches from mine. Again I can't see or hear it, I just know it's right there and f'king evil.

    Wake up a 4th time. Thing's gone. 10 minutes before I regain enough movement to switch on my bead side table light. Spend the rest of the morning with the light on just sitting there going over that charming little mind ****, the worst bloody hour of my life.
  6. Wow that is totally fcuked up dude! Nasty nasty nasty!
    Bit OT but I've had incidents of Vertigo where you start to feel like you are on a spinning wheel and cannot stop your eyes from spinning from left to right, can't balance and even shutting your eyes makes no difference to the surreal feeling of being spun around. On the three occasions it's happened in the last 5 years I go to bed and sleep 7-8 hours. Weird huh. Don't know what I'd rather but either sounds like a nightmare.
    I've even had to ride home one time in the onset of it. I daren't turn my to
    head check in case I dropped the bike.
  7. Those who suffer from the odd mental demon have my heart-felt sympathy. Not pleasant. I have my own, which I'm not going to bang on about here, but things do get a bit strange when the world you perceive is not the same as the one the rest of the human race sees.

    Mental health issues are far more common than people realise, and for every person who's stark raving nuts, there are 20 or 30 who have some low grade problem that doesn't stop them functioning, but does present a challenge. Pretty much half the human population have some degree of emotional scaring that corresponds (to a point) with what we call post traumatic stress disorder. Personally, I wonder if maybe the people who have never been hurt or tested are the strange ones, but who am I to question what's normal?

    I'm a scientific, empirical sort of person. (Yeah, I'm a geek.) But I have seen and experienced and participated in things that I could not explain or defend to a real scientist. Was there a degree of self deception there? Was it group hallucination? Did somebody deliberatly implant memories of things that could not have happened using hypnosis? (Possible, in the case I'm thinking of.) I don't know - I just know I've seen things that are not possible. I know what I saw - but I know it probably didn't happen. Odd.

    I also know that during the 18 month segment of my life that I spent in the company of one person, possibly the smartest human being I've ever met, a masters degree in psychology, a computer systems analyst, a public relations consultant, a woman twice my age and recently divorced, a self professed lover of being a hypnotic subject, I saw and experienced many odd things, and that when my relationship with her ended, because I left her, because I was able to prove beyond any doubt that much of what she told me was a castle of lies, most of the odd events and incidents and strangeness stopped in its tracks.

    People talk down about relationships between people of very different ages. There are risks, but there are also reasons why this might work well. An 18 yo male and a 38 yo female both seem to think that having sex for 6h a day is something that should be investigated... An 18 yo male can learn an OMG! amount about life and sex and politics and psychology and how the world works from a woman twice his age. Shame she blew my entire inheritance, not real happy about that, but that's life.
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  9. You were in the same boat as I not knowing what the cause was
    I thought it was sleep apnea causing it - a lack of air -- how wrong I was
  10. The thing that happens to me though is that my body goes into a shock state and starts to tremble violently ( some exes when it first hapened though I was having an epileptic fit )
    I am trying to find if any one else experiences this
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    Don't get the trembling but feel the nasty presence, can't move etc... I imagine trying to turn the light on sometimes but it doesn't work - this is when I know I'm having the 'wierd-dream-that-isn't-a-dream'. Eventually I come out of it, I'm pretty good at recognising it now so I'm not so afraid. I always imagined the scary person as that ugly vampire dude from Salems Lot peering over the side of my bed. I don't sense him as strong anymore - its more a fear of not being able to turn lights on.

    When I was a kid it was terrifying.
  12. dose'nt happen when you own fearless hunting dogs.
    they know he's there and they do not like him.
    bring the dogs in at night. no problems
  13. I dont get that
  14. I've experienced this quite a lot in my lifetime, I was about 7 the first time it happened, scared the shit out of me! Not being able to move is scary enough, but the worst experience I had with this was when I woke up in the sleep paralysis state early one morning. This time it just frustrated me, and I just thought " oh great, this again. I'll just have to wait for a while".

    I heard footsteps coming towards my room, I was in high school at the time and I thought it was my Mother coming to get me up, but she walks faster than that. I was able to get my eyes open, and the figure walked into view and stood outside my door and stared at me. Not long before that I'd seen the movie The Passion Of The Christ, and the figure I saw looked just the person who played Satan in the movie. Scared the crap out of me! Apparently experiencing things like that while in the sleep paralysis state is common, since you're waking up in the stage of sleep where you would be dreaming it's not surprising that your brain hasn't yet caught up with the fact that you're awake, and it makes the dream seem very real. Not being able to move while seeing things like that is even worse. I've had the sleep paralysis happen a few times since then, but I've never heard or seen anything abnormal the other times, and I hope I never do again.
  15. Double post :(
  16. Isn't it strange how many people experience the same percieved threat though - this 'hag phenomena' I think they call it. Or the pressure on the chest.

    On a funny note (well, funny after the initial shock), my friend gets night terrors. She wakes up screaming like a banshee then commences running around the house trying to escape whatever it is chasing her. Typically her husband is in hot pursuit trying to stop her because she's run into the walls a few times. The funny part is they both sleep naked, it's been quite entertaining everytime I've stayed there and the terrors have occured. People running naked is hilarious.

    She gets them when she eats certain types of food (she has IBS) and when she eats too late in the evening.
  17. I get both. You get used to it....kind of. Its probably more that you get better at resettling. I generally put it down to stress but I hadn't thought about food. I might have to start tracking it better.
  18. I get them too. Walls hurt.
  19. Wear your helmet to bed :)
  20. HAHA... Maybe the armoured pants too? I always seem to hurt my knees and feet. :?