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Sleaze crackdown ordered on Indy revellers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. By Greg Stolz

    August 15, 2008 06:00am
    Article from: The Courier-Mail

    A SLEAZE crackdown at this year's Gold Coast Indy has been ordered by Premier Anna Bligh, who warned revellers they will face arrest if they "cross the line".

    Ms Bligh was offended by "lewd" behaviour, including women flashing their breasts on highrise balconies, during her first visit to Indy as Premier last year and has told organisers to clean up their act.

    Under a new code of conduct, highrise unit owners will warn guests not to expose themselves, and the Premier has placed revellers on notice that they face arrest over such behaviour.

    "I indicated to the organisers of Indy last year that I thought we could be doing better in relation to managing some of the more lewd behaviour," she said yesterday at the Gold Coast launch of the Pan Pacific Masters Games.

    "I don't think anyone wants to see the fun taken out of Indy but I don't think most people want to see it cross the line into obscenity either.

    "You can have a lot of fun without turning off international visitors and spectators."

    Ms Bligh admitted the code of conduct for unit owners was voluntary but said it had support.

    She said while lewd behaviour on highrise balconies was difficult to police, "people shouldn't take any comfort from that".

    "If the police can identify you, they can make a charge," she said.

    A ban on full-strength drinks sold at bars inside the Indy precinct will also be implemented this year.

    The crackdown comes as the State Government prepares to fete Indy Racing League supremo Tony George at this year's race in a bid to renew its contract for five years.

    The IRL is demanding organisers reschedule the event, which the Government pumps $11 million into, and Ms Bligh said this dispute was far from resolved.

    "We've got a bit more negotiating to do ... there's a lot of money at stake and we'll be making sure that we get good value for taxpayers," she said.

  2. :roll:
    i hate the fun police, boobs are good for everything.
  3. Who could possibly be offended by boobs?

    Me thinks the premier is not getting enough....
  4. But what do you KNOW about the community's standard on this, Mrs Premier???

    Isn't it great how we can get brand new state legislation and police powers based on what a single person reckons??

    Good - complexex shall have open door policies. Flashers can wear masks and run to another room.

    That way, you can pretend they are all gorgeous!
  5. There is always ONE exception to the rule however ..

  6. All joking aside, would you take your girlfriend to Summernats?
  7. All joking aside, would you take your girlfriend or wife (may the two never meet) to Summernats?
  8. Perhaps this should be a picture post so we can all make informed judgments on weather its offensive or not?
  9. Surely that's what most people go to the Indy meeting for??

    And who is going to police it? Can you just imagine a couple of overweight QLD wallopers huffing and puffing their way up the stairs to the 18th floor of an apartment block to arrest some girl who's taken her top off? She'll be in the lift on the way down by the time they get there!!
  10. i do!
  11. As soon as I read the article I thought, are you kidding, have you been to the nats???

    Summernats and Indy are worlds apart. I wouldn't take my missus to the nats unless she was wearing a trenchcoat, but I'd take them any day to Indycar. The Premier should come down and see how good it is up there compared to the nats were there's numerous rapes and assaults every year, not just girls flashing their boobies.
  12. no boobs = no indy for me!

    Come to think of it though with the tax increase on alcopops, there wont be as many pissed young ladies there! Bloody hell we are being governed at a state and federal level by wowsers! :mad:
  13. Clearly it is the duty of every law-abiding citizen to take as many photographs of this disgraceful behaviour as possible. To help the police in the execution of their duty, of course :) :wink:

    I can just imagine how pleased the cops must be to hear how they are going to have to try and enforce this one :roll:
  14. 2 words - LINE UP :grin: :grin: :grin:
  15. I promise this now....

    I will personally smack the living shit out of any cop who arrests a woman for flashing her tits. :soapbox:
  16. Don't say silly things, mate. You are too clever to belt a copper, just for the sake of someone elses bosoms.

  17. ladies and gentleman...

    we have a WINRAR!!! :grin:
  18. I'm probably also not big or strong enough. :wink:
    But I want to see them! It's not fair, boobs are not illegal so why conceal them? :cry: :LOL:
  19. They are splendid, aren't they.