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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mikkie, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hello I'm a bike addict. I haven't been using for long, 10 months (22,000km), but it's got hold of me big time. I'm currently recovering from a nasty stack, 4 weeks bike free today :-(. So I'm here to fill the hole in my life with bike talk.

  2. Welcome! Sounds like a bummer the off there!
    NR... Bike talk... I don't see the connection! :p.
    Heal up well, there's lots of good info here if you look in the right spots!

    P.S. Prepare for lots of 'are you hot?' questions.
  3. neglected to ask when i read it in the other thread - how'd you bin it? what's the damage to you n your steed? (also not stalking you...just bored...xbox doesn't cut it tonight evidently.)

    nice thread title btw =P
  4. psch she's obviously hot so no need for the question...if anything...more asking for picture's for proof the dp is not a fake? even that's a stretch...
  5. She's preempting the previously mentioned question with that title!
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  6. Lol.. Hotter than a whore house on nickel night Mr
    Messy. I'm prepared, thanks ;-)

    Yeah, making in-jokes alread 87. Moving quickly on here aren't I.
    Not sure how my bike came off, I hear it was better than me. Still waiting for the verdict from my insurance company.
    I broke my femur neck, 10 ribs, scapula, and a couple of transverse processes in my lumbar spine. Spent 4 days in ICUS because of some blood on my lungs. Good times.
    Corner + loose surface + car = Ouch! Fortunately I'm healing very quickly, surprising all the dr's.
  7. just...wow....pics of the bike when you get a chance or was it sent off straight to the insurance mob? hope you heal up fast by the way, 4 weeks you say until your riding again? seems a tad soon...or just until you have a bike again?
  8. No we parted company at the scene. Not likely to see her until fixed, or perhaps never again. The 4 weeks is how long I've been broken for. A good few more before I'll be riding again. Still working on perfecting the walking thing.
  9. Damn that's nasty! Sympathy on the lumbar for sure, I suffer there constantly myself! Gradual work in progress to improvement though.

    10 ribs that's crazy. I broke one years ago and whined like a mofo for ages. Typical dying male syndrome.
  10. you are one tough biatch.
    hard to kill.
    i think i saw you in that movie, Terminator.
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  11. Lol.. We all know woman are made of tougher stuff. ;-)
  12. Wow.... nasty. Hope you heal up soon. When the time comes, working on your core muscle strength will help you back out majorly. The muscles will need to take over some of the structural work load. I'm sure you've been told all this already.
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  13. ... Ouchies!!....hope that netrider can fill the gap while you are recovering. :)
  14. Does that cover hangovers too :D
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  15. Welcome to NR Mikkie - have you thought of which bike you'll be getting once you're back in good health?
  16. Hello gorgeous, welcome to NR
  17. Hi Mikkie and welcome.
    Good to see another chick from the bestest state ... even though it's hotter than hades at the mo :eek:

    Lots of good reading and good company in here while you are waiting to get back aboard your bike.

    er ... there is no cure for this addiction ... there is only harm minimisation :D
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  18. Speedy recovery Mikkie.
  19. Yeah, I'm all over this thanks. Health/fitness is my other interest/career. Good thing too, it's helping me heal and recover quickly.

    Thanks all! :)
  20. Lol.... Love the new avatar Mikkie. ;)