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slap on site register

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. There are so many people I would like to slap on sight, but I am unlikely to meet them in my lifetime. So if any of you run into the following smack them for me:
    Daryl Summers
    Kyle Sandywank
    Alan Jones
    Eddie Maquire
    Hundreds more

    Who would you have me slap for you?

  2. +1 for Eddie...

    George Bush - actually just deck him please.

    All journalists for Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

    Any women who think the 'toilet seat' argument has any significance in the real world.

    People who desperately want children, have them, and then palm them off to other people so they can pursue a career. CHOOSE PEOPLE.

    I have alot of hate, so I could go on. But one last one - slap me, too.

  3. +1 on Dubya

    • * Gretel Killme
      * John Howard
      * Mark Holden
      * Phil Gould (x a gazillion)
      * Ben Cousins
      * those that continually report on Ben Cousins
      * Mick Malthouse
      * Naomi Robson
      * Sally Robbins (that rower that chucked in the towel)
      * Tony Martin
      * Bert Newton
      * Valentino Rossi
      * the freakshow that constantly parks his car directly opposite our driveway
      * our new Finance guy at work, he's a tool
      * our Marketing girl, she's complete biatch!
      * that idiot on the Red GT250R with a P Plate on who insists on riding in traffic at 160kph. Not long for this world
      * everyone at Telstra

    that should cover it for the next few days ...........
  4. +1 for Kyle Sandywank please.

    And you can add Ray Martin to the list.
  5. +1 for Kyle Sandywank (popular isn't he).


    Derryn Hinch
    Paris Hilton
    Anyone and everyone who's ever lowered themselves to 'acting' in a soapie.
  6. Koshy from Sunrise.

    He annoys the whatsit outta me.
  7. How could I forget Koshy - can he be shot on site rather than slapped if it can be arranged?
  8. Ah of course! How could I also forget Koshy. What a knob.

    And Paris Hilton. +1 for me there too please.

    Telstra? Bloody good one doonx, gimme a +3 there.

    I'd like to also add 'litterers' to this list if no one objects.

    I don't know who Kyle Sandywank is, but I will +1 there just for the hell of it.

    I never realised how judgemental I really was! This is great! Keep 'em comin' :LOL:
  9. I was wondering what the SITE had done wrong to deserve being slapped :?
  10. Can I add Bert newton. In fact, the whole Netwon clan.
  11. mark holden
    maricia hines
    all australian idol contestants
    neil mitchell
    john laws
    all talk back radio commentators
    that hutchy prick from the footy show
    shane crawford
    football reporters who think our lives in victoria revolve around football
    victorian state goverment
    john so
    alexander downer
    rann ( SA premier)
    television exec's
    do-gooding groups
    civil libitarians
    self important people
    anyone who drives a car worth more than $100K
    some 4WD owner
    female P Platers
    traffic section of police force
    christine nixon

    stuff it , just slap everyone , sooner or later they will deserve it
  12. Jen Hawkins !

    . . . . on the ass !!! :applause:
  13. + 1 Billion.

    I seriously hope he has an aneurysm doing a 'touch down' one night. It would make my year.
  14. Fergie !

    . . . . on the ass !!! :applause:
  15. <post removed>
  16. Shakira !

    . . . . on the ass !!! :applause:
  17. I wouldnt mind slapping her with some other part of my anotomy :twisted:
  18. Micky............................. for taking that picture of me eating a pie. Can't have another one now anywhere near a camera :facepalm:
  19. kaitlyn

    . . . . on the ass !!! :applause:
  20. If you want to be slapped on the ass at "The Site " it cost extra $$$.
    :bannanabutt: :bolt: