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Slack Service @ Peter Stevens Elizabeth st

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by SHARPY, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. I made the trip to Melbourne Saturday, The main reason was to visit Peter Stevens & look at their jackets.
    I walked around looking at the differant types of jackets. Taking some down, seeing what armour, ventilation & colour's they had. I did this for approx 20 min.
    At no time was I approach by the sales staff & NO,, they were not that busy. Two just chatting to one guy.
    I don,t think it my place to approach them for assistance. Actually, I cant be stuffed doing that.
    Had a staff member given just the slightest assistance. There is a good chance they would have made a sale. So, I thought Up*****,, & I left empty handed.
    Next time im'e in Melbourne. I will take the time & drive out to New World & buy it there.
    As suggested on Netrider before.

  2. try bikemart in ringwood get 10% off being netrider
  3. Meh, depends on the day you're in there.

    Oh, and check your deodorant.
  4. dont worry its not only you---had that happen all through when i had a 250cc bike to present- so 4 years on- some of the sales staff are still quite clueless about the theory and practice of customer service.
  5. They are strange, i have been in there with normal clothes as i have taken the cage. Yes they do seem to leave you alone. But the couple of times i have had riding gear on, they seem to take more interest in what you are doing..
  6. i went in there to buy all my gear when i first got my licence.. i had to chase them down and they were less than helpful.. i went back a bit later with a mate who approached some girl there named emily (tallish, red hair, pretty to look at) and she was a great help when i was looking at buying riding boots.. she was helpful, but the porices werent.. definatly worth your driving out to bikemart.. im from hoppers and made the trip out and wouldnt think twice about doing it again.
  7. Yes bike mart is awesome. I got all my first lot of gear there and sharon spent almost 3 hours with me whilst i tried on so much different gear. I just find it a little hard to make it out there these days with work commitments. But if you can get there, tell brian and the team that netrider sent you..
  8. I've bought most of my gear from Peter Stevens in the city and go there regularly for oil. Generally I've found them fine. There are quite a few staff so they probably aren't all good but some are definitely helpful.
  9. when i went out there, i was just looking for boots.. brian wasnt there, sharon was with someone else (i knew them by name as a friend has sent me out thre) so i got served by someone else (shamedly cant remember name) who spent probably best part of 40 minutes with me.. i walked out with boots, bliek cover, and wet weather pants to go over the dririders for less of the price i was expecting to pay for boots. and i got a discount just for going there.
  10. Here's a different spin on it for all you guys saying "noone even approached me"....

    When I'm in a store unless I'm seriously looking I'm happy to browse on my own, if I want information I'll go and get in a salesman's face about it....I hate it when they come up all buddy buddy and pushy like they're your best mate.

    I've never been into said store but maybe they're giving you space so as not to appear as 'pushy sales people'

    On the other hand a simple "need some help there" doesn't go a miss either, so maybe it is the Peter Stevens way?
  11. Totally agree.
  12. there is also a bit of a differance too in salesmans response time.

    male , late teen , mid 20's .

    female , blonde hair ,size 6 or 8 , wearing leathers

    yep i know why there isnt a issue on getting a response from the saleman.
  13. I'm another Bikemart fan. I bought my boots and wet-weather gear there when I'd just bought my bike, and found Brian very helpful indeed.

    I've been back a few times for bits and pieces, and have always found the guys there to be pleasant and helpful.
  14. werd groberts.. spot on man.

    kurtis:- when i went in, had just got my licence.. i walked in.. looked around for about 10 minutes, then i approached a guy after waving to him for a while.. i go up and go
    "hi, im new to riding and looking to buy my riding gear and was wondering if i could get some help?"
    "yeah sure, how much you got to spend?"
    "bout a grand. the only thing i really think would be best is id like to get draggin jeans"
    "no problem.. draggins are over there. if you need any more help, feel free to ask."
    "actually.. i think you missed my point.. i have $1000 to spend right now on riding gear, and im looking for help in choosing what i want. im willing to let you help me, and provide you with whatever commison you will end up making off me, or ill go find someone else who does want it."

    "please come with me sir, how bout we statr over with gloves..... "

    so after i told him i was spending, and i wanted someone to actually give me a hand and threatened to give the money to someone else.. he came around, and spent the next 30 minutes asking me if you'd like.. " these seem to fit okay.. i can put them with the jeand and gloves if you like.. " " you can try this on if you like"

    i hate people with lack of confidence.. really.. not if i like.. what ever happened to customer service..

    i dont like being crowded, but when i ask for help, i want to be taken seriously, and i want someone who knows what they are talking about.
  15. I don't like places that leap on you as soon as you walk through the door, but once you've made it clear you're interested in buying something and would like their help, they should take you seriously and treat you accordingly.

    If they don't, take your money elsewhere.
  16. :p :LOL:

    8 actually
  17. hey, did you spit the dummy and burst into tears? whats the matter precious, did they forget to roll out the red carpet for you princess?

    i dont think you can win with some people, your in a shop, you want to buy something and you cant be arsed asking for some help? hahahaha oh man, what an interesting life you must lead. you get the same experience in safeway?

    im sure if the staff were on the ball and grabbing you by the hand the moment you walked in you would be complaining that they are too pushy.

    i personally would rather staff leave me alone so i can have a decent look by myself without being talked at, then ill ask someone if i have specific questions.

    dude just admit you were making eyes at the guys and they were all too scared to come over and help you into a set of leathers.
  18. I think the heat might be getting to you Johnboy. :p :LOL:
  19. I'm like u as well :grin:
  20. I like to go in and look at items , i like a salesmen or ladie to approach me while i am looking ( simple salesman tactic ) then i say yes i am looking , or yes what can you tell me about these or i will come and grab you when i have finished looking.

    if the salesmen is worth his salt he would approach every customer to see if there is anything he can do too assist, advise , help anything ( simple basic sales ettiquate) , if they dont they arent salesman they are gooses and they are either over paid or not interested in earning a living

    now personally as for POS theavens , unless you want a new bioke or ride a harley then they generally dont give 2 shits about you , in regards to bikes.
    In the accessories dept , well some are ok ,, some are good , some are just idiots .
    I wont go there for any reason other than to put finger prints over there bikes while who ever I am with is looking at something.
    I dont like them , what they stand for , or there way they are monopolising motorcycle sales her in melbourne.