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Slack, lazy, couldn't-be-bothered-to-take-pics report

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Two days on the road on an unrelentingly sunny NSW weekend.

    We (bro on his new(est) VFR-750) left Wollongong around 7:00 am, planning on making it to Taree at least, if not Port Macquarie on Saturday, and return home via more interesting roads on Sunday. Didn't quite work out that way :LOL:.

    First stop at Pie in the Sky at around 9:00 brought the startling revelation that brother had worn his winter jacket and gloves, and the temperature was already well into the 20s and climbing. Why? I asked? Because my summer jacket has a broken zipper.

    Supressing the urge to throttle same brother while shrieking, "You get your summer gear FIXED in winter, when you're not using it, DUMMY!!", I more moderately agreed with him that perhaps we might have to stop in Newcastle and buy a summer-weight jacket, and perhaps some gloves as well, hmmm??

    Onwards and upwards. By the time we got nearer to Gosford, I could see steam coming out of the neck of his jacket and suggested that we should stop at Central Coast Motorcycles instead of pressing on to Newcastle. I didn't have to argue the point for long.

    CCM is easy to find, and we were delighted to meet its genial owner, and 70's road-racing acquaintance, Phil Mellis. He directed us to his sales guys and in no time bro was kitted out in an RJays textile jacket and summer-weight pair of gloves, all for a very reasonable price. We also bought a pair of occy straps, and attached the winter jacket to the back seat (top box and Ventura bag full, ya see) and headed off north again at undiminished speed, but at lower body temperature, at least for him. (I had had enough sense to wear my much-loved RJays Octane jacket and summer gloves, so I was fine).

    Breezing throught Hexham the temperature readout on the famous Hexham Bowling Club's 'Mossie' sign blinked a dicouraging 33 degrees, and that without the extra from the northerly wind. Taree was looking unlikely, Port Macquarie utterly out of the question. By Raymond Terrace a decision had to be made, and it was; we headed for Nelson's Bay and a night stop-over.

    Sunday morning was again bright and sunny, but already looking like not being as hot, (as it proved) so we lit out early and retraced our path to Raymond Terrace, with the goal of heading to the Putty Road and then to Penrith and the spur road from Mulgoa to Picton and home.

    More by good luck than good management (maps, gps-s, who needs these modern innovations, they spoil the spontenaiety of the ride?!) we found our way across from just south of Maitland to the top of Kurri Kurri. Fascinating these old mining towns, much has changed, but if you squint while you are in the main street, you almost believe that you are back in the thirties when untold riches flowed from the nearby mines.

    The rest was easy; across to Cessnock, then via Broke and out to the Putty just south of Bulga.

    Sad to say the nannies have been absurdly busy in this area. Great strips of perfectly straight road with limitless visibility are now cursed with double unbroken lines, and what little 100kph stuff was available between Broke and Bulga is now signposted at 80 kph for no discernible reason, other than the availability of a new place in which to raise revenue by booking frustrated motorists. It gets worse.

    No sooner had we turned south at Bulga to head down the Putty than we were confronted with a huge sign, declaring a "Motorcyclist Safety Enforcement Zone" for the next 50kms. How is this "safety" to be achieved? Easy. From there to 5kms SOUTH of the Halfway House at Garland Valley, the speed limit is 80 kmh. Nothing about the road has changed; more fences now stop the errant livestock of 30 years ago, and the road-surface is immesurably better, but it is now 80kmh to enforce motorcycle safety.

    Lunch and a coffee among perhaps 100 bikes and riders at Garland Valley (when you've seen one 1098, 5 of them in one place leave one, err, blase, really :LOL:), at 11:45am, leaves much of the day still to be ridden, and only a couple of hundred kays to home left. What to do? We scampered down to Wilberforce, refuelled and rang respective spouses (is the plural of 'spouse' 'spice'???) and updated our progress, then hied out to Penrith/Mulgoa/Silverdale and across the ridge road to Picton. If you haven't ridden it you should. My shot rear shocker didn't like it much, but if you've not seen a house big enough to have its own postcode before, there are dozens of them along that road!!

    "So", I opined, "The afternoon is STILL young, and I don't want to drone across to Wollongong via the Picton Road; why don't we head down to the Illawarra Highway, stop at the Robbo Pie Shop for the last coffee of the trip, and finish of the ride with a gallop down Macquarie Pass?"

    So we did.

    950 Kms in two days, and apart from food, accommodation and fuel, my costs are, 1. a new back tyre, 2. a rebuild of my rear shock, and, 3. a re-upholster of my seat, URGENTLY needed. (The one on the bike, not mine :LOL:).
  2. Don't forget the paint job :LOL:
  3. Top write-up horny

    amazing, that in a country the size of "horse-trailer", the possibilities for some spirited road riding are few, and getting less.....

    80km/h limits on regional roads?? WTF ??
  4. nope, it's 'spouses'.
    i couldnt even find a good collective noun for them :( lol.

    but i did find a fesnyng of ferrets,
    a kine of cows (but if there are 12 or more, it's a flink of cows...)

    and a buttload of proctologists :LOL:

    im bored Paul :p
  5. Good idea for a brand new thread of its own, I would have thought.

    How about a scourge of politicians?