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Skyteam V-Retro

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dave r, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. I've just got a new Skyteam V-Retro. In any other country it would be called a V-Raptor but some other chinese bike importer has copyrighted the Raptor name in Australia. The bike is a copy of the Suzuki Van Van (which I don't think was released in Aus) and the Yamaha TW and is classed as a road trail.
    So what's it like? It has huge tires that make the steering feel heavy but that may also be because it's brand new. It's fitted with a Loncin 250 single 4 stroke with a reputed 16 HP. and a 5 speed box. After jumping off a Sachs 150 Express and riding the V-Retro there is obviously a big difference in power and the gear ratios. The V-retro keeps up with the traffic quite easily and the wide handle bars give you the feeling that you are in control. The wide tyres take a bit of getting used to as I am still getting experience after passing the test.
    Only problem so far that I had to take it back for was the front wheel being out of balance and the dealer has had the wheel balanced. Haven't had time to see if it is working OK yet. One other problem I have is trying to get insurance - the dealer tells me that I have the third one in Australia so we are waiting to get the specs on Glass's and Red book. $2495 on the road. 70 kilometres on the clock so far so still running in will update the post as I get more time up.



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  2. Hmm, interesting. I have a lot of time for the Chinese bikes, especially the Suzuki clones as I rode around China 2 years ago on a GS125 clone (Haobon - do a Google image search for Haobon and the first photo will take you direct to my blog).

    $2495 on the road is an excellent price too.

    V-Raptor is copyrighted by Cagiva in most markets around the world. Cagiva used to bring them into Oz around 10 years back - Cagiva running gear with Suzuki SV1000/650 motors.

    Let us now how life with the Skyteam goes. :)
  3. Hahaha :D That things top nuts. Always liked the look of the Van Van, wish they would bring them out this way.
  4. I like it, it's strangly attractive. Looks like it would be a good allrounder, for a bit of offroad and some commuting
  5. Hmmm, I can see a great looking flattracker style bike under there :)

  6. It's like a Hardley got to a trail bike when it was on heat.
  7. Hey Dave
    Hows the Vretro Going?????
  8. I dunno how this guy's finding it, but I bought mine at the end of February, put 3000k's on it, and seriously, it's a hunk of crap. The materials it's made from are hopeless, the electrics are shorting, cracks forming in every bit of plastic on the bike, vibration issues, the list goes on. Seriously, don't buy it.
  9. reminds me of my sachs.
  10. good looking bike actually. I've been thinking I wouldn't mind thicker tyres on my Enfield
  11. I missed this when I went through this thread before, but anyway, ironically, it's not good at either. The tyres are fantastic for offroad use, and subsequently they have absolutely zero grip on the asphalt. Can't stress this enough. So it's crap on the road. Unfortunately, it sucks offroad too, as while the tyres are great, the suspension wallows hard and it'll bottom out over anything more than a pebble.
  12. Sorry to be so long getting back to the forum - I forgot my password.
    Ok I have 2000 k's up on the v retro and I have had a good run so far. The main problem I had was the front tyre. After trying a number of things I finally I chucked the skyteam tyre and got a new bridgestone fitted - it was like a different bike. From what i have learned from some of the european forums the skyteam tyres are renowned for being out of balance and so badly made that you can't balance them no matter what you do. The only other problem I had was the pin dropped out of the clutch lever when I was riding on bush tracks. I put in an old bolt and that got me back to the dealer who gave me a new pin free of charge.
    One thing I have learned about these tyres is that you can't run them at what would be normal pressures. You need to have them at 18 PSI and no higher otherwise you will find it difficult to keep it on the road. Even the dealers didn't know this and the pressure in the manual is not correct. I went to a Suzuki Van Van forum and was able to find a lot of info about the bike from there.
    I'm in the process of putting in a Zongshen water cooled 250 in my bike which has about 50% more power. This is not too say that the original engine is no good - it's just my thing. I've been taking photo's along the way so when I've finished I will post as a slide show.
    Would I buy another one - most definately. I've had a lot of fun on mine. I think you need to do some homework to get the most out of them.
    It's a copy of the Suzuki Van Van so that's a good place to start.

  13. I got one of these and i wanted to upgrade the exhaust for a bit more power and volume. anyone know the best exhaust for this bike?
  14. That would be funnier than those that do that to a 250r
  15. Hi there Everyone,

    Just throwing out a question - does someone have a v-retro manual avail for this bike that I can download and print? Would like to learn how to maintain mine which I bought the other week :)