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Skyteam ace

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Lucid Mikey, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Just wanting to know if anyone has or has had one of these, I like the look of them but only older dead end posts on here.
    Cheers everybody

  2. I think you'll struggle to find feedback. I periodically trawl the web for actual experience of these and it's severely lacking. Reviews based on the manufacturer's press releases and "It's Chinese so it must be crap" opinions based on nothing much seem to be the norm.

    For what it's worth, I had a reasonably thorough look over one a year or so ago. It looked to be reasonably well screwed together. Certainly a whole lot better than an elderly Japanese economy bike which were the standard 125 fare when I started riding. Material quality will be questionable but, again, so is some of the shit that the Japanese build their bikes out of and then charge you a premium for it.

    Quality control will be iffy. If I were to buy one I'd change the oil immediately and then a couple of times at 100 km intervals, this in addition to whatever the manufacturer recommends. I would also try the tightness of every visible nut and bolt, especially anything safety critical. Oh, and I'd put some tyres on that weren't made by Pooey-Slippy-Phun.

    On the upside, the engine is a straight clone of the old Honda CG125. That's good, because the Honda was a super tough little unit which, given frequent oil changes, would go and go and go. Just not terribly fast. Based on my long-ago CG experience, a good one will just about see 100 km/h on the flat. The published power output for the Ace seems a bit lower and I suspect a seriously restrictive exhaust system. Should still see 80-90 with a bit of effort. The engine will feel very unrefined and vibratory though. It's an old design with no balance shafts or any other concessions to civilisation.

    But hell, it's a great looking little bike for ~$2200 OTR last time I looked. What's to lose?
  3. Thanks so much for that Pat,
    Luckily have a distributor just around the corner who's also a mechanic(good for some info) Its a shame not much owner experience on the interwebs...
    If the misses doesn't want one for her first bike, it might be mine later this year.
    Ive read a nicer flowing exhaust and carb work will get these seeing 100kmh, think more speed would need gearing done.