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Skyteam Ace 125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PatB, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Does anybody know anything about these? I can tell from the price (~$2250) it's Chinese. I can tell from the pictures that it's a Honda knock off. I can tell from the name that it's only a 125 so will have maybe 10 bhp max.

    But has anyone seen one in the metal/sat on one/ridden one?

    Because, for the price, I'm seriously considering reliving my lost youth with what some of us used to try and do with shagged out (ie cheap) CB125s :shock:.

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  2. are these those vintage dirt bike copies that they make? i guy on here had one i think and said it was terrible and he got rid of it after a while.
  3. Skyteam used to be Laro, maybe start by searching that.

    It does look cool, nearly worth the headache if you consider it disposable and its not your only bike.
  4. It's what appears to be a CB125S lump (or a derivative of same) in a chassis that (fairly successfully) apes the styling of Honda's smaller 1960s race bikes.

    As I said, 25 years ago there were a number of misguided souls who tried to do something similar with old CBs. Given that doing a convincing cafe job on anything will cost significant dosh and given that even a Chinese knock off is unlikely to be worse than those CBs were (they were horrible bikes by any civilised standard), not much north of $2k strikes me as being a reasonable deal for something to play with.

    Specially if it could be persuaded to accept something like an XL185 lump :twisted:.
  5. looks like a really nice little bike, i kind of want one but not sure i need a bike that weighs less than i do. :(

    will like to see if people can get a bigger lump in there, would be fun to muck around on...
  6. Googled it, i was thinking of their bike the V raptor, pretty sure a guy on here had one, its a copy of a suzi i think, iirc i think he ended up getting rid of it not long after cus it was very bad. But im talking about a different bike so maybe they have improved.
  7. I don't know anything about it but I want one.
  8. Fond this review on a French website (I think) and ran it through Translator. It's sort of semi intelligible.

    A bit of Googling for engine specs indicates that the motor is a clone of the Honda CG125 pushrod lump rather than the CB range. That's good because the CG was considerably tougher than the CB, mainly as a result of having the camshaft downstairs near the oil rather than out at the extremities where it's vulnerable to cold thrashery, cheap oil and infinitely extended oil change intervals.

    Given that I have a lot of time for the CG (yes, this is me saying nice things abouit a Honda so make the most of it :D), the prospect becomes more attractive still.

    It needs a set of ace bars and bar-end mirrors, of course, possibly a Mikuni and a less restrictive exhaust which, based on what I know of CGs, should get it towards an honest 105-110 km/h with a bit of effort, and a set of tyres made somewhere other than China and you'll be 17 again. Including the despair and disappointment when it blows up :D.
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  9. now this is a review that makes me want to chuck away good money !! hahaha
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  10. Similar in size and performance to the 1983 Suzuki GS125 I have. Probably the same fun factor in town too...

  11. And, according to this French website, they even come pre-bodged from the factory to save you the inconvenience of waiting for your bike to pass through the hands of a dozen mechanically inept owners before you get it :LOL:.

    Ah, the nostalgia :D.