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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Freeform, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Less then a week to go.


  2. Get it on PC for proper modding potential. This is Bethesda, they always screw up just enough that you need the mod community to get thigns to full potential~
  3. I've prepaid for it on Steam, can't wait for it to be released :)
  4. Same here! Actually excited after a few months of little gaming interest. I hope it'll live up to expectation!
  5. I'll wait for the price to drop a little. Didn't really play too much of Oblivion, it was a little dull in terms of colours and stuff for me. Though I have upgraded my graphics card since then so maybe it'd look better with some extra oomph
  6. Was pretty annoying how they screwed with the lore in Oblivion. My knowledge of it isn't too deep, but I've picked up enough to know they changed some things that had been more or less the same for the past five games (not counting mobile ones), and not in a good way.

    Hopefully they'll do a better job with Skyrim. I haven't really been following it at all, so I've no idea how things are looking (and we won't know for sure until release).
  7. Too busy right now for gaming, with an exam to study for (I'm studying one quantum course this semester) and other people's assignments to mark. Then the plan for summer is to spend a lot of time outdoors, and a new Elder Scrolls game would *not* be conducive to that! Hopefully that will mean that by the time I'm ready to play it the price has dropped a bit. I'm definitely keen but would just want to make sure I can give it the time and immersion it demands.

  8. Nnnnneeeeeeerrrrdddddddssssssss!!!!
  9. X79 mobos are starting to surface. SandyBridge-E soon ... please?
  10. lol, out at EB and harve norman but cant play till steam unlocks it! happening at about midnight tonight... work tomorrow on little sleep im guessing!
  11. Sounds to much like skynet for my liking.
  12. I've pre loaded the game into Steam, I'm just waiting for 12 midnight AEST when the game will unlock (got to restart Steam shortly after midnight).

    There is a huge Skyrim thread on Whirlpool that's a full time job to keep up to speed with :)
  13. Played for about an hour before hitting the hay. Looks pretty good. If you like customising exactly how you're toon looks you will love creation. Intro is pretty decent but standard, giving you a good selection of items depending what you're planning as. The crafting is pretty sweet to! Can't wait to get home tonight :)
  14. What's wrong with theSkyNet?
  15. Must.. resist.. or.. wife.. will.. murder.. me.

    /it had to come out the month i started my mortgage repayments.. sigh
  16. The copy i imported turned out to have a region lock set via steam preventing its activation on my PC in Australia, because they don't want us paying the $45 that the rest of the region does instead of the locally-set 90. First time i've ever seen a PC game do such a thing.

    And people wonder why i think steam is a Very Bad Thing (tm)~
  17. Nasty. Can you create another Steam account from the country where it's valid and activate the key for it? Where did you buy it from so others don't get stung?
  18. PlayAsia.com. I wouldn't hold it against them though as they're actually very good about clarifying restrictions... when ~they~ get told about them. (their own listing is now updated too)

    Specifically, the 'Asia' edition:"may only be register for use in the following countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines and South Korea"

    Will be trying some VPN shenanigans soon enough yeah. Surprised it's even legal to block installs like that. *glares at ACCC*
  19. I would expect restrictions like this to become more common and not less as more purchasing starts being done over the internet.

    There are vested interests who want to maintain their Australian import profit markups who will fight tooth and nail to maintain that income stream.

    Me I think it sucks but I wanted the game without issues at midnight so I paid the 'Oz steam tax' (unhappily but I paid it).

    I would have bought from a bricks and mortar store but the closest stockist is 35kms away and driving there and back would have more than used up the savings in purchase price over Steam.
  20. picked it up from EB this afternoon and played a few hours. Even on lowest settings this game looks bloody good. People actually look like people. Still getting used to the changes in gameplay. Don't piss of the giants, they are excellent golfers.

    There's ways to trick steam into thinking you're in a different region as well. I just don't know them.