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Skype Directory: "TALK to friends on-line"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Is anyone else using Skype? We use it internally, and also to stay in contact with our people in India, and it saves a packet in phone call costs. I'm sure someone will have a horror story, but I reckon it's great.

  2. Don't go near it. It installs a heap of adware and spyware, and can't do anything that MSN messenger can't do equally well unless you want to 'offramp' a call to a normal phone.
  3. I use it all the time. Its fantastic and free! The quality of voice communication is stunning. I communicate with my folks back home (in Ireland) using Skype for audio and Messenger for video (without audio). Works perfectly!

    EDIT: The audio quality is 10 times better than Messenger. I have used both to communicate with family back home. Its definitely noticably better audio quality, even with streaming video.
  4. I have Skype, but I don't know how to use it :oops: ....same with google talk.

    Probably would help if I had someone I could talk to and have a go with....I guess I don't know how to use it til I have a go!

    :D :D :D
  5. try peabody99, lil

    Just did a complete Adaware and Spybot scan, nothing even vaguely related to skype, just some miners that probably came through from re-directs to some of the sites posted here (not a complaint)

    dunno, seems ok to me
  6. lets see.

    MSN messenger is Micro$oft and averything that entails

    Skype installs a load of spyware and recently has been found to have massive security holes in it....

    use at your own risk.... not advised for GOV or EDU uses.
  7. Skype rocks. As for the spyware call, haven't seen it do anything too bad under a Linux install.
  8. I've used it for over 12 months and it has not caused any issues. Have not encountered any adware or spyware.

    To use the "free" voice skype
    - you'll need a headphone with microphone - cost about $20. Computer microphone seems to be inadequate.
    - register on skype - usual username and password.
    - the person you want to talk to needs to be a registered member.
    - once you select the person you want to talk to hit hte "green" phone icon. Hopefully the other person will response as they can see who is trying to skype them.

    To call land-line - this cost money. You'll have to buy credits from them and use the keys view to enter the number you want to talk to. I DON'T USE this.

    When I'm overseas I do use it a lot to talk to people at home. Also you know if they're home as you can see them active so don't waste phone calls.
  9. I have a proprietory phone client supplied by the company I work for.
    It's just liek I am in the office. I can dial internal extensions or dial "0" for an outside line ;)
  10. I have a spyware scanner on my PC and Skype has none as far as I can tell. Its a bloody good voice over internet application in my opinion.
  11. This is not something I have much personal knowlege of. As an IT guru I make a good pianist....but I was referring to an email from our IT department forbidding the use of Skype, as it has been proven to compromise security. Like I said, I am an IT luddite, and am just passing on what someone who is paid $60k a year to know more about IT than me, says he knows.
  12. Well I am about to install it on a mac, so we need to start a Netrider Skype session.
  13. send me your ID when you do, peabody99 is mine
    {I think I've created a monster........}
  14. Would that be a Ducati?...

    ...I'll get me coat.
  15. Yep been using it since the beta version


  16. AND SO YOU SHOULD, you naughty boy!

    Hey cool, I've just talked to xxsteve and lil!
  17. OT warning.

    Are you a Fastshow fan?
  18. I did it!!!!!

    Had a very brief convo with Hornet....sound was excellent and even had mum butt in :roll:

    lil_bikerchick (if anyone wants to.....)

    :D :D :D
  19. yeah i use it sometimes because it works mac to PC have not had any issues with it..but ichat is a way better program but you cant get it on PC :LOL: