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Skype Alternative

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Maximus, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. hey everyone,
    hope all is good. i was surfing the web and stumbled upon this nice app called ooVoo. really liked the features it offered(far more than skype) and would like to try it out. if anyone out there uses it currently can u please add me to your list.i'm maximusldude there.

    check it out. worth having a look at if you do online chatting or video calling.

    safe ridin to all.

    oh almost forgot the link www.oovoo.com
  2. :? You can video call on Messenger; why do you need another programme that does the same?

    Looks very slick, by the way, but I'm an old hard disc hoarder and if I've got something that works, I tend not to duplicate it :)
  3. That screams of microsoft. "We have a program that does that, there must not be any other, you would be stupid to use anything other than our service" And also their techs are still going on about how "There was nothing wrong with windows 3.1, no need for anything better"
  4. Because you can only call other Windows users, no mac no linux.

    And as with most things Microsoft just because it's the most pervasive doesn't mean it's actually the best thing for the job...
  5. Gizmo5 is a direct competitor to Skype, including callin, callout, video calling, support for windows, mac & linux etc etc.
    I liked it more than Skype, but I haven't used either for some considerable time.
  6. Can these programs talk to each other?? (on the same operating system platform?)

    I'm hearing more and more about skype. Does it do anything more than messenger or yahoo chat??

    The Yahoo email client now has chat feature and I see that facebook recently added a clunky chat client... looks like everybody is getting in the business of talking! ...is it a case of all talk, no action??? :-k
  7. Amazing. Please tell what is morally or technically wrong with using a programme that is bundled for free with an Operating System if it is perfectly functional and does everything I need? Why do I need another browser, or another video-conferencing programme if I already have one?

    OoVoo DOES have a Mac version in beta, if you check out their site, BTW. Not sure it works for LINUX, though.
  8. Do you do your word processing in wordpad? skype is better than messenger for video conferencing, apart from the fact that it's cross platform so none of my contacts need to be left out, its actually a better app the bandwidth is lower and the quality is better. (Gizmo is actually better again but I found it harder to explain to auntie flo how to set it up). Your comment is exactly what Microsoft counts on and why they've been involved in so many anti trust suits... Why try another product if microsoft give one away...
  9. But that's like the argument about how wonderful a sound system is, but you can only tell the difference on an oscilloscope; if you can't HEAR a difference, then it doesn't matter a damn. Messenger might well use more bandwidth, or have mice in the attic, but if I can't tell the difference, why should I bother?

    I'm not having a go at you, and I understand the hostility some people have for Microsoft, but for the vast majority of users, the alternatives are pretty irrelevant if they can do everything they want with what they've got already....

  10. yes, the anti-microsoft rhetoric is always laid on a bit thick, but the easiest argument is innovation. if you aren't prepared to look at alternatives then hte software companies have no incentive to improve them.

    Photoshop is a great example. in the '90s it was great so everyone used it, monopoly formed and now after years of neglect adn little incentive to improve, its terrible. Perhaps you haven't had the opportunity to use compositing packages (similar to photoshop but developed for film/tv adn in a very competitive environment) so you think photoshop does everthing you need it to but in fact you should be getting 5 times to product.

    Still, I agree the instant antimicrosoft mantra does get frustrating after a while
  11. Paul I'm not talking about needing a scope, I'm talking about a product being visibly better. I'm aware that not everyone uses a mac at the end of a big pipe like I do people that I need to communicate with uses various OS's and connections all the way from dial up to satellite. The extra efficiency mean a better/big picture for me all the way to a useable actually moving picture for people on smaller pipes.

    As I said in the previous post Microsoft's sales plan isn't to compete by being better it's to keep you away from ever using other products in the first place...