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skyline driver lost a few inches, off his end

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. funny Q-ride story here.

    did my last day yesterday (passed, woo hoo), at team moto down at slacks creek. for those unfamiliar with the slacks creek area, it is pretty much the highest concentration of boagns, fobs and deros in queensland, if not australia. (no offence to people who live there, bogans, fobs or deros). as such, there is a large number of 'wog mobiles' driving around.

    so the instructor and i pull up to a set of lights (the rest of the group got lost; stupid traffic lights), and this [fob accent]fully sick subwoofer skyline mate [/fob accent] pulls up next to us full of [fob accent] da boys [/fob accent], flat brimmin' with their 3-sizes-too-big-hoodies, with [fob accent] fitty cent [/fob accent] blaring on their sound system, the subs rattling on each bass kick and the windows down.

    so, [fob accent] da boys [/fob accent] look at us and laugh at the yellow learners vest i am wearing and make 'L' signs with their hands, and high five and the such. my instructor (who is a totally mad bloke) also noticed this. so they start to rev the engine, and i turn to the instructor, he opens his helmet and just nods at me.

    the next light ahead just turned red, so it was a 200m distance. so the light goes green, and both me and my instructor make it to the lights well ahead of the [fob accent] fully sick subwoofer skyline mate [/fob accent], and we didnt even break the 70km limit. they pull up next to us again, avoiding eye contact, windows up, music turned down, and me and the instructor almost fall off our bikes laughing at these clowns. the best part of all this, i was on a VTR250!!

    obviously these guys didnt do physics..... actually, that was apparent before this all...

  2. I love the stories these guys in similar cars tell of their heroic battles with motorbikes as well.
    The guy in the skyline will be telling all his mates (That werent in the car with him at the time) how he totally flogged your ass in a drag.

    Well done mate, instructor sounds like a legend too.
  3. Gold!!!!

    power to weight ratios for the win. Still, it would be funny to have a sub woofer hooked up to a bike, just to mess with peoples heads :twisted:
  4. That will be a mad story to tell the coppers one day, "but officer I didn't know drag racing was illegal, it was part of my licence exam..."
  5. I think he lost your uber cool fully long-term-settled Aussie road race mainly because of the fob accent and wog ancestory.
  6. My ZX6R beat a Hyundai Accent the other day.

    It was awesome.

    I put the bike in neutral at the next lights, side-stand down, danced in front of their car in my gear, then did a shit on their bonnet.

  8. :worthlesspics: :p :LOL:
  9. oh, it wasnt drag racing... i was 'accelerating firmly from a set of traffic lights to reduce my chances of being accidentally hit from behind'. :LOL: :p

    and boy did it feel good!

  10. HAHAHA

    yes take that fools, down here we get a mix but mostly have the dero's in their VN comodores that are rattling to the shit.

    Actually I had one of these stories but the car was full of a gang of clown that had ganged up and beaten me in school, but for some reason it didnt end there they kept giving me shit even though the fight was started by them. they saw me gettin my gear on and circled the block and threw a bottle me when i was on the bike, if i was on a bigger bike i would have taken off there mirror or something but i aint takin on 1 ton of car with unstable teens in it so instead i smashed em in a drag LOL
  11. [​IMG]

    don't delete this time :evil:
  12. Unfortunately as a previous skyline driver I must say... "the car doesn't get to choose it's driver".

    I hate the ones that line you up and then do little take offs showing they want to race... yes because at 12:30am on my way home from work all I want to do is race you infront of the cop shop... clever muffins!

    Sometimes I wish I could slap them upside the head :]

    Karma is great though, sisters 18th party gate crashers turned up (uninvited naturally) and as we were seeing them to the gate to leave one attacked my brother... which meant it was totally on (half my sisters lame ass friends stood and watched others ran away scared... gg 4 vs 17).

    Anyway, 2 weeks later one died after his mate rolled his fully sick V8 commodore while drunk. Ahh the clever ones always show how it's done right, tempt fate and it'll get you, just like those wog tossers.

    Of course the cops love them (cops moved in next door to work) and have great stories about them :]
  13. 12/10 for that one. total gold. there is a full sink wigger guy down the road from me who treats all others like crap on the road in his really really really great VN bommodore. decided to tail a young lady in a starlet trying to merge onto the highway in cloud, fog, rain etc. few shakes of my head in his mirror and you hear the revs of 6 or maybe 7 cylinders try to climb. a touch of local knowledge and he's lost in the crowd. some people are just c*cks. not all holden drivers though.
  14. the skyline would beat a vtr250, unless it was overloaded by 5x100kg /fob accent boyz

    i once was at the lights with a skyline beside me revving, and i came a close second, the skyline came 3rd

    dammed new black Commodore v8 on the outside lane :LOL:

  15. The RB31? Older?!

    The GTS?

    The GTS-T?

  16. must a been a sh!t box skyline
  17. ok I was wrong The VTR250 would beat the skyline :wink:

  18. I did always love the tail-lights on that model.
  19. DID what you dont love the tail lights anymore, or you just dont see the thing on the road anymore??? :?:
  20. I started liking the tail-lights on the newer skylines also.

    ... then later realised I'd sell my organs for a 70's Corvette Stingray :grin: