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Skydiving... suggestions needed!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Looking for suggestions on a good place to go skydiving (in Vic)...

    It's my bday pressie, but I have to book it and quick coz it's less than 3 weeks away :eek:

    I know Loz and a few others have been, so hopefully someone can recommend a good place to go...

    oh, and if anyone wants to join me it'll be on Sat 19th Aug if it's not already booked out... :grin:
  2. Tooradin with the Comandos, cant beat it, there about the best around IMHO
  3. Cool, thanks Woodsy!! :grin:

    Only really heard of Negambie in Vic, that's why I put the call out for suggestions...
  4. shhhh, mines not far away either, dont want the wife getting any ideas about pushing me out of a plane :)
  5. Come skydiving with me Vic and you won't have to worry about "your wife" pushing you out of the plane coz I'd be happy to do it :wink:
  6. Make sure you get it right the first time ;)
  7. :LOL: yeh I hope so... :eek:hno:
  8. Barwon Heads, skydive city I think it's called. Highest jump in Aus, 14,000 feet. Out past Geelong, that's where we took my mate for his naked jump on his bucks' night.

    Few of their clients have splatted... But hey, you geet that. :grin:
  9. cool, thanks Loz :grin:

    I know wherever I go they've most likely had splats... I know Negambie was in the news a couple of times a few years ago, but it's not going to put me off... if you don't do anything in life coz you're too scared you wouldn't walk out the front door :wink:
  10. great timing... just got an email from lastminute.com and it had this link to go skydiving in Vic :grin:
  11. A friend of mine did barwon heads a year ago and had a great time. She recommends them.

    Commandos is hard to go past. Good reputation built over many years.

    When I was skydiving, Meredith and Euroa had fair to good student skydiving centres.... not sure they're still around.

    Anyway, if you want a full list of vic jump centres, contact the APF [Australian Parachuting Federation] or go to their website. They'll give you more info than you'll know what to do with.

    Good luck Bro. Everyone should do at least one jump!!


  12. My mate works down at the barwon heads one as a pilot he says all the guys taht jump are sweet..
  13. Yeah im going to torradin on the 19th of september as well. All booked in and ready to go. lol.
  14. I jumped at Euroa ......... damn noisey free falling I recall - but a blast & a half :grin: you'll have a hoot of a time!
  15. Hey Fireblade,
    I used to jump a lot at the Negambie drop zone... (6 years ago now since my last jump... family + kids now!) it was great then but has since changed hands from when I was a regular jumper! What sort of jump are you planning on, "solo" or tandem?
  16. How's that saying go? If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you...
  17. I'd love to go solo (not a big fan of some dude strapped to my back :wink: ) but as it's my first jump I thought I had to go tandem... :?

    I'll try get onto the APF today to get some details and hopefully book it all in :grin:
  18. You gota go to Tooradin, then i can come and laugh and tell you tall stories of everything that can go wrong :)