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Skydiver dies at Picton

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/national/skydiver-dead-after-13th-jump-20091128-jxz5.html

    Skydiver dead after 13th jump
    November 29, 2009

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    A SKYDIVER has died making his 13th jump from a plane.

    Police said the 41-year-old encountered a problem with his parachute yesterday over Picton, south-west of Sydney.

    The man suffered severe head injuries and died at the scene, shortly after noon.

    ''The parachute may not have deployed properly, or may not have deployed at all, and as a result the man is dead,'' a police spokesman said.

    Phil Onis, director of Sydney Skydivers, the company with which the man was skydiving, said he would never tell anyone that skydiving was safe.

    ''Like with any adventurous outdoor activity, there is always an element of danger involved,'' Mr Onis said.

    Mr Onis said the Australian Parachute Federation, as well as the police, were investigating the incident.

    But he said from what he understood, there was a problem with the parachute's canopy.

    He said the man had been skydiving previously and was close to completing his training.

    It is understood that he had already been on 12 jumps.

    ''We are usually very proud of our safety record but, obviously, this can happen.''

    A report will be prepared for the coroner.

    Poor guy, I'm sure he died doing something he loved. I think he was the 4th person to die at the picton drop zone after a man on christmas 05 and 2 people 4 years before on the same day. they are the only deaths at picton in about 20 years.
  2. Sucks.

    Are you a skydiver Lilley?
  3. As an identity? No. Done it a few times though and enjoyed it immensely. would love to do it properly and get my license though. However its quite expensive and requires time and commitment.

    Edit: I didnt proof read that article very well, did I?
  4. RIP and condolances and all that, but I have never seen any good reason for jumping out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane.
  5. If at first you don't succeed, sky diving was never for you. :D
  6. It's a heck of a lot of fun.
  7. +1 bonk.

    rc36, go jump out of one, its fukn Awesome!!! Defiantly worth the money...!!
  8. I am going for my A License in the next few months.
    This article has just sent shivers up my spine. Poor guy, my condolences.
  9. In another article, on the same subject, a cop was quoted as saying, "Initial investigations suggest that the parachute failed to deploy."

    Did these 'initial investigations' involve a beer and a stick?


  10. Pack your chute properly, dude.

    And make sure you only use the highest quality duct tape when it needs repairs!
  11. I'd use that rescue tape. It's the best ;)
  12. BSBD

  13. OU818 - where do you jump?

    I went through AFF a few years ago. One on target landing short of my licence before I stopped jumping.

    Plan to get back into it. Probably in the new year.
    If the expenditure hits the top of the priority list.

    Cruising on the bike to the DZ sounds like a good way to spend half the summer.
  14. I've never done so but was surprised to hear from a mate of mine recently that he thought it was thoroughly boring and wouldn't recommend it to me. :p
  15. I can see where he is coming from, especially if he had done a few tandem jumps. After the initial thrill, your just falling at 1g for a few seconds then 0g for bout a minute. When I did a tandem with group of friends after doing the first two AFF jumps I found it boring.

    Also, when your doing you AFF, generally you use the drop zone's chutes which they pack themselves. Going for higher licenses you normally use your own gear because it is so much cheaper over the long run.
  16. That's sad. I remember my tandem at Picton; landed the wrong side of a main road and had to pick up the parachute, run across the road, and climb over a small wire fence to get back to the landing zone!
  17. Damn, im sure he went out doing what he loved, even still, not the way i'd like to go.

    Never attempted skydiving. Im more of a bungy jump person, nothing like free falling 128 meters (9 sec free fall) with an elastic band tied to your ankles. ;)
  18. they have a van that picks up people who cant aim at the bloody big cross on the ground.
  19. I've got worse aim than a stormtrooper!
  20. Way back when I did a static line first jump course - one of the first jumpers forgot to steer. Ended up touching down in a river.