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Sky buy MotoGP TV rights

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by E2W, May 16, 2012.

  1. Question....Are they talking world wide rights or Italy????....As bad as the 'commentary' on 1/10 is, its better than the screaming wanker on WSBK
  2. Sky owns the broadcast rights to F1.

    What it means is we can no longer watch it without ad's. which kinda sucks.

    hmm, the article does seem to suggest it's just italy.
  3. This worries me:-s............how can they have exclusive rights to all 18 races and 1HD/ Ten still have access.........??
    If they have exclusive rights doesnt that mean nobody else is allowed to provide live coverage.........?? to me it sounds like we've been sold out[-(
  4. The article refers mainly to Italy, so I would assume it is just the Italian rights.
  5. If Motogp does not stay on free to air, I suspect that will be the end of Motogp itself. The top tier is boring enough to watch as it is, and I doubt too many people will pay for the privilege of being nodded off to sleep.
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  6. Its most likely that SKY, who have bought the rights, will sell the coverage to different countries, and depending who is the biggest bidder, they will get the rights in that country.
    Ten/1HD would have bought the rights for Australia from the current host, and if they wanted to continue, would just be negotiating with a different broadcast supplier.