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Skully Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Justin Stacks, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Probably not coming to Australia anytime soon, but no need to wear google glass.

    This helmet has everything!

  2. I read that it could cost $1,500?
  3. wow
    great for communting
    bit nothing beats an open face
    for crusing.
    phone calls arnt cool if your married.
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  4. Excellent, more distractions that completely undermine why I ride.
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  5. Don't think they were yet available to the public last year. That's only happening now. You can pre-order to receive the helmet in 2015.

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  6. Oh and welcome Hornet :)
  7. Why thank you, kind Sir.....
  8. Skully looks great...not sure if it's for everyone, but I reckon it could be just the thing for touring...$2k though (once it's here) might be a bit of a hurdle...What does everyone else think?
  9. A lot of people will buy it purely because it's a hi tech, gotta have kind of thing, me included.
  10. Think I might be with you on this one...

    If you bought a new phone outright they're about $1000, and a helmet can easily be $500, so if you combine them surely that's good value :)
  11. I've always been impressed by the way boys justify toys. Unlike girls with their stuff, "but darling look at how much I saved!"
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  12. Actually I think it might be a bit distracting, I mean, its alright for a pilot to have a heads-up display, but at 30,000 feet there aren't any SMIDSY drivers......
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  13. i want....i need it....
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    You're not wrong! The video of 'testimonals' I saw though had a bunch of people talking about how it wasn't distracting though...equally they're benchmark was google glass!

    I could imagine that since the depth of field needed for the HUD and what you would be using for riding would be completely different, so it might not be that bigger distraction.

    I'd be keen to try one though!

    Actually just got from Skully this email...

    At SKULLY, we strive to create the best experience for all of our riders. Due to the overwhelming amount of support and media attention from our launch, we were able to negotiate better prices for our international supporters.
    The International SKULLY AR-1 Price is now $1,499
    Pre-order yours today at skullysystems.com"

    So price has come down a bit since i joined the mailing list this morning...wonder if they've considered that the helmet would need to be ADR approved?

    Anyone have any experience in getting helmets ADR approved?
  15. You would be best off asking Takami about that, but he hasn't been on the forum here for quite a while
  16. Hmm, Takami seems to have disappeared from the members listing...did you guys upset him :bigtears:
  17. It's @Takamii@Takamii Double 'i' Hasn't posted in a while.
  18. Ah yes I see...