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Skuffy upset with his rotors

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by sluglie, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. [Mod: Posts split from original topic started by Sir Skuffy.]

    mitch, check your pm

    and what crap are you talking about almost having to buy new rotors and mounts for, it was paint, it comes of with acetone and elbow grease
  2. Sluglie,

    Check your PM, know the facts before you get involved. My advise is for you to come and look at the rotors before you open your mouth any further.

    Floating rotors: The main disc is mounted to the body of the disc with floating "pins". These pins are overed in paint. The only way to clean them correctly requires the pins to be removed. To removed them means damaging them and then to replace them means $260/disc.... So, are you going to give me $520... no, I did not think so.

    You know the workman ship was crap, everyone that has seen them know the work was crap and I NEVER mentioned who did them. Painting a rim in the back of your shed and painting the rotors while still attached to the rim... please. That is absolute crap. The bloody paint ran on the rims and the rotors and the base white was never sanded down, merely painted over......
  3. Sluglie,

    Further to the above comment.... When you do a job for a person, you deliver the end product in a "completed stage" and functioning correctly. Did you know that the disc is no longer "floating" as there is some much paint there that there is no movement? Yes, i could use a small razor and peel away the pain and then rub it off over a weekend... BUT, this should have been done and a professional and completed product/job delivered.....

    Like I said, lets meet some time this week. Let me know when it suits and I will personally show you the end job and then you comment.
  4. ***** :popcorn: *****
  5. Sorry all for making this into a Soap Opera.... I am just in a foul mood at the moment.
  6. I will take a few photo's of the rotors and post them.
  7. No need to feel bad, nobody likes their baby hurt. :(

    Would like to see those photo's too. What did it cost to get your rims anodized?
  8. Need a kitkat and a hug?

    (no i'm not being bitchy - for a change)
  9. The rims turned out awesome...... $260 total.
  10. Ahhhh man, if your gonna split the post, spell my name right :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    In all honesty, I was not upset about the rotors as this happened a long long time ago so I have given up on them ever getting sorted.
  11. Did you have to take your rims off at home first or did they do it there? Can't wait to see a photo.
  12. mitch, are you such a moron that you think that "floating rotor" actually means your rotor moves on the carrier,

    if you do, you know less about motorcycles that i thought,

    a "floating rotor" means that your rotor and carrier are a seperate item, if your rotor moved on the carrier then i would be advising you to get it re buttoned as it is dangerous.

    when you know what you are talking about then come back and complain, untill then go and sit in the corner and stop acting like a stupid little child.
  13. Sluglie,

    You really have no idea do you.... The concept of floating rotor was developed for " some movement", although minute. This was designed to assist in better heat dissapation and better gripping as a bike dives in under brakes. under heavy braking, there is always slight twist in the forks which translates to a twist of the disc's in the calipers. The floating button allow for a little movement to partially compensate for this.

    One thing you forget MORON is that i worked in the bike industry for quite a few years. Wow, funny that people like you THINK you know what you are on about. I was upset with you until now. At this moment, I am laughing my arse off. You evade the main issue of quality with comments such as these.

    Good luck to you.

    Oh, and the stupid child comment, come on big fella, say that to my face. :twisted:
  14. Ditto :twisted:
  15. Hey everyone, we perform every Tueday afternoon.

    Stay tuned, next week we will be discussing tupperware buttons and how they float :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Where were the original rotors done Mitch?
  17. Yes but only if your serving... veal !

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  18. Hey Red Ninja. The bike was in for a service, so it was all done then.

    To get them anodised, you have to deliver the rim without the tyres and rotors.
  19. Hey Mouth, rather not say. Sorry.

    I may be an arse-whole sometimes, but I dont "snitch" like a stupid child. :LOL:
  20. so, did you take the rotors off and use a bench micromiter to prove that you have lost the less that 1000 of an inch movement that floting rotors allow, cause if you didnt then you are talking out of your arse as it is invisible to the naked eye (or bloody well should be)

    it isnt me who needs to shout my issues from the rooftops mitch, and it isnt me who keeps badmouthing people because you feel like you are getting ripped off, if you are happy with the work that ronnie does then i am happy for you, just dont come whinging on the forums when he does something that you dont like (evey other bike shop seems to have done so why should balls be any different)