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Skirt or pants? a wedding poll

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Skirt

  2. Pants

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  3. Skyclad haha

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  1. "there was this one time, back in '98 where i wore a dress..."

    As tempted as I was to post the classic "what underwear should I wear tomorrow" I have so far resisted.

    Im sure some people will see this as just another annoying thread that has ziltch to do with bikes, but this is very important to me so I figure its worth putting up for discussion here.

    To quote
    "so did you wear a suit to his graduation?"
    "That cant be you in that photo... she's wearing a dress!"
    "I'm trying to picture you in a dress and failing"
    "You OWN a skirt??"

    so should I prove I own a skirt, or should I go the pants?

  2. if you've got it flaunt it, if you've got decent pins don't hide them away :p

    what's the aversion to skirts anyway? don't you find pants a pain in summer?
  3. who said i have it :p
    no aversion (as i said, i have been known to wear em... wore one to mats 22nd!), just wear bike gear all the time and skirts dont fit that well under draggins :LOL:
  4. Just go bottomless.

    At least you'll be remembered that way :p
  5. not so much. They may remember the guys in dresses more clearly :p
  6. Sounds like my 22 year old daughter... up until last year the only skirts she owned were to play netball in! Being a supportive Dad I thought I was saying the right thing when we went to one her friend's 21st's and she wore a summery beachy dress, but apparently "Look! It's Miss Congeniality!" wasn't the right thing to say. :-(
  7. Wedding? Skirt, always. Unless it's some sort of special dress requirement. But if it's the usual cocktail/formal attire, a skirt or dress is the way to go.
  8. Bah humbug! Wear whatever you feel like.
    My other half's mother got married in a blue pinstripe suit, very early 80's i know; but the point is she was happy with it - and everyone accepted her for who she was (... and yes they are Mr & Mrs... not Mrs & Mrs :p ).

    As long as you don't rock up in pants that resemble the one's i left scootergals place wearing... i don't think theres an issue. ;) :D :p
  9. your a girl , wear a dress .
    if its cold wear pants
    how much of a delema can it be
  10. "your a girl, wear a dress"??! lol now thats just incentive to wear pants!
    problems with skirt is that I would have to buy new shoes or else wear CFMs. Although, thats always a good look at a wedding. Maybe Ill pair them with a mini. Or a schoolgirl outfit.
    Problem with pants are... well there isnt really a problem at all. I can even ride there!
  11. I think it all comes down to how attractive you think the single members of the wedding party will be.....a skirt does offer some advantages if they are too hot to wait. :wink:
  12. I'm shocked :shock: thought you were a 'nice' person :p :p :p
  13. Well I did say the single members of the wedding party, not the married ones (newly and otherwise).
  14. of all invited, I think the ones I ever wanted to date I already have. Its going to be... fun... Maybe Ill snatch my friends rich boss and break his heart haha.

    Aparently I slept with both the bride and groom, at the same time too :LOL: Think they'll invite me on their honeymoon?

    anyway, not interested in the single, or not single, members of the wedding party
    I have my own date heh. :p
  15. Just make sure he doesn't scare the kids ;) :LOL:
  16. definitely no knickers......
  17. I think maybe you think my date is someone other than he is :LOL:

    and how many people here actually know what skyclad is?
  18. Was wondering that...googled it but I was getting pics that weren't safe for work.......something to do with Wiker?
  19. Definition: Skyclad means to be naked, specifically during ritual. Some believe that clothing interferes with the natural energies of magick, and that it brings you closer to the Earth.
  20. Im quite suprised you didnt try wiki striaght off!