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Skippy you b@stard!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, May 21, 2007.

  1. Just inches from smacking into a roo tonight. Big bastard too, his head was in line with mine! Braced myself for impact but he pulled up i think?? I checked behind and didn't see him cross the road so he must have jumped back. Scared the crap out of me!

  2. Scared the crap outta you???

    What do ya think ya did to him? :shock:

    Grats on your survival mate. :grin:
  3. gotta watch out for them roo's , they'll close line ya and steal ya bike
  4. Hit 2 in Feb, near Goondiwindi. Mainly cosmetic damage to the bike, but after you hit em, you are out of control, and I ended up meeting a barbed wire fence.

    But the roos died, I didn't, so balance restored.

    Not a lot you can do, except ride slower, as you just can't predict which way they will run.
  5. Yeah but the last thing I expected was a roo running between two suburbs!!
  6. Bloody scary isn't it! I've had that happen several times - haven't hit one yet, thank god, but have just about filled my pants each time!! Glad you are ok :)
  7. You have a point there...
    I have been out on a agg bike, crusin around up castle main way when the rider and I (Yep I was pillion) came over a rise and into a mob of the little blighters. It was all good as they were heading in the same direction as we were, Untill one of them wanted to cross the track... while beside us.

    Luckily the guy at the controls was a prety good dirt rider and pulled us up enough to let the little bast@rd past.
  8. it is the bush capital GS, whichc subs was it? i chased one up uriarra rd in qbn one night while 4 others were still standing on the side of the road
  9. After sitting on my front porch and watching one hop casually up my street, I figure they can be anywhere in suburbia!
  10. Had one at the Melton offramp on the Western Hwy in VIC last summer :? Smack bang in the middle of suburbia and just as I went past, smack bang into a crummydoor who's driver was off with the fairies. Also came across a emu in Hoppers Crossing last summer on the cnr Sayers & Derrimut Rd :shock:
  11. I see em all the time, but then again, I live in what Sydneysiders call the whoop whoops (heck, it's only 90km south of the CBD!)

    I generally stop when I see freshly killed native animals to check for young 'uns in pouches and what not, or if it's not quite dead, to try and get someone to come around and pick it up (whether it needs to be put down or if it is possible for it to be treated and released is another matter)

    I do try not to be the one running em over though. Have stopped and waited a while though for roos with broken legs for the vet to turn up so it can be put down and not suffer through the night/day/next night/etc
  12. I hit a bird yesterday, I felt really bad like a murderer.
  13. well just think how i felt hitting two cats in one day... in a cager, but each thump was a bit unsettling
    :p :oops:
  14. Yeah but you looked funny driving down the footpath to get 'em though!

    Sold your CBX yet?
  15. nah not yet, if it goes it goes.. gonna try get finance for a newer bike
  16. mmm.
    me like roo meat
  17. But we can't cull the roos, they're almost endangered according to the numpty envirotreegreenierabid frothers. :roll: Seriously, they are in such plague proportions, they are all over the suburbs.
    We have over 20 on 30 acres here, landlord won't let me get a shooter in.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Ive got 10-15 of em mungin on the grass in the block beside my place every morning.
    See em jumping around out the back all the time.

    Im only in Epping, i havent had any encounters with them on the road yet, mother in law has though.

    Any animal thats bigger than i am scares the crap outa me, and i only weigh 60kg's so thats pretty much everything bigger than a bird.
  19. Me gal rode over the tail of one in Ainslie about 12 months ago. I was riding behind and watched the thing bound out of the shadows in front of her, I braced for the impact as it bounced across her path... luckily it was all over before she even saw it, just made a minor speed bump of its tail.

    I did a fair few late night runs up Sutton Road: always sat on the back of a truck if possible to use it as a 'roo-plough'. People outside Canberra and other roo territory, you don't know what you're missing.
  20. We had to take a dog into teh vet one night at 2am, I couldn';t go faster than 60 km/h down Sutton rd, I just wasn't comfortable going any faster because of the roos on the side of the road!
    Seriously, you'd freak out from seeing three or four on the side of the road grazing, and just as you'd pass them and start looking for more, there'd be more, so they were about every 150-250m!

    Regards, Andrew.