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SKINS - SBS show...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, May 8, 2008.

  1. The other day my oldest told me about this show - Skins - and that I should watch it.

    So over th elast week we've been sitting down together (that in itself is precious) and watching episodes...oldest has the first season on DVD.

    Info on show: http://www.e4.com/skins/

    Apparently this was/is shown on SBS over here? I'll have to check it out.

    Anyway, what a brilliant show. Can at times be confronting (for me as a mother anyway) but Im open minded enough to watch it and actually really like the series and the characters. It's all very well done. My 17yr old and my 14yr old both enjoy it and I think they're getting something from it too - no, not drug or sex info...but something deeper. They're able to relate to certain characteristics in the characters - they see themselves and their friends and peers in these people.

    Each episode covers the life of one character...so far my fav. episode has been Chris' (he's also the character that stands out the most to me - what a beautiful young guy - the writers have done an excellent job creating him). I also think that the character Cassie is done very well - (Cassie has an eating disorder and has a beautiful soul).

    Anyway, we just watched Sid's episode and I think we're about to watch Maxxie and Anwar's one.

    It's a good show and if you haven't already seen I encourage you to do so.

    Oh yeah - the parents in this show are a f****** hoot...(scuse the swearing, you gotta watch it to get it)... Love how they carry on with their kids...esp. when telling them off..lol
  2. One of my favorites that one. It's back on SBS about 18 of this month for
    the second series.

    You are right great characters. Cassie is the standout for me.

    The whole thing is "british odd" but worth a look.
  3. I love that show, watched it religously while it was on.
    Being a teenage male I can somewhat relate to what's going on.
    Cassie is odd, but she's one of those characters that everyone loves, just because she is so quirky.
  4. I have somehow seen almost all season two by now.

    Good show.

  5. watched the whole series this week on DVD, farkin absolute hoot. i dont think i have ever seen a tv show/movie that emotes such contrasting emotions. absolute hilarity one minute, confronting and stark almost sickening reality the next. cant wait to borrow the second series off my mate.