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Skin care ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Do you guys actually think about facial skin care being a rider ?

    Like we get road dirt and grit, sweat, dirty helmet interiors and on cold nights the skin gets a punishing.

    Or am I just being metrosexual and bordering on a ghey post ? :rofl:

    nah, seriously i've become more aware of it lately and wash up regularly after a ride. No crappy moisturiers or stuff like that yet, man now that would really be metrosexual male :eek:.

    I take it the chics on this forum think about it more and apply skin care products more often !
  2. We have 3 Netrider partner discount businesses doing beauty products, so that should give you an idea :wink:
  3. well i use hemp cream from the body shop as i have dry skin on my face
    but apart from that nothing else.... and as for being metrosexual or gay for guys to use cream or moisturiser.....there is nothing wrong i believe
  4. Ummmmm,..........................No....
  5. I use sunscreen when the sun's out and sometimes Suzuki lip balm in the Winter.
  6. Micky mate, enough of the manscaping.

    Using my Buff headgear round my neck and pulled up over my nose (keep reminding myself not to walk into businesses like that) keeps me from getting dried/cracked lips.
  7. As long as you're self-aware. :wink:
  8. LOL, Manscaping, now thats a new term. :LOL:

    For the record, I just use Nivea for Men facial scrub after a long ride. Normal Nivea for Men face wash normally. :p

    None of this Oil of Ulan anti-aging and skin firmness cremes yet. :LOL:
  9. Men's skincare is one of the biggest growing areas in Beauty Therapy.

    There are plenty of guys out there who use it and it DOES work :wink:
  10. Skin care - Cover amply in protective gear don't scrimp on cost!
  11. Thanks for the reminder. My hands are too dry and I need to get a lotion for them or something.

    I worry more about my hair.
  12. Yeah I'm afraid Im one of the gay guys then.

    haha funny shit just as I started to type farkin Kylie Minogue comes on winamp......oh no

    Not as far washes etc but I do now keep a lip balm handy during winter. Cold sores and a new girl friend can really hamper ya love life somewhat.

    So I quickly picked up my act and I don't give ratz arse. I still look like a goose though trying to put it on lipstick style. I swear there must be a technique to it.

    While on the topic of skin care I can highly recommend a bit of sun protection on the back of your neck during summer since a nice ride can leave you with a very burnt back of the neck.

    Ah Elvis now that's better . Can't call him gay he got more ass then a toilet seat...... The KING
  13. This thread reminds me of an incident at one of the PI GP's... there I was in the campground, parked in my lovely BIG bus that had everything, when a bunch of guys walked up.. and I heard .. "there's a chick, she will have something we can use"... so I see what the fuss is about.. 3 guys with some SERIOUS sun and windburn, split lips and burnt necks.. they were too busy necking bourbons to realise just how burnt they were.

    So they got slathered with burn cream for their necks, sorbolene cream for their faces, and vaseline for their lips... they were VERY sore boys... :( (and I wasnt gonna waste my expensive chick stuff on them :LOL: )

    And they showed up the next morning for another lot, topped off with sunscreen, which of course they had all forgotten to bring.

    So for all you tough burly blokes, either slap on the man moisturisers & sun screen & lip balm OR ask one of the girls to let you share!

    I always have sunscreen, lip balm, and a tiny tube of moisturiser stuffed in one of the many pockets in my jacket.
  14. Good advice there Bron.

    As a folically challenged bloke, I tend to carry a small tube of sunscreen in my "kit" whenever I go for a ride.

    I don't like wearing caps most of the time so a coating of sunscreen is mandatory.
  15. I used to go to a beauty therapist on a friday, I would get my face lubed up and massaged.
    Then get my head neck, shoulders and chest oiled up and have a massage and skin treatments.

    Im no where close to gay, it was free for me and the girls are beautiful.
    Very relaxing too.
    2 stunning girls rubbing cream and oil on your face and chest .

  16. umm my missus bought me some anti-wrinkle cream for my 40th birthday, it's OK I got her back and bought her a treadmill :LOL:

    I have found with riding in traffic every day I get heaps of pimples if I don't wash my face every day, I only use Dove soap cause that's all we have at home.

    Oh and I am not a metrosexual I am just an old bloke with a bossy wife :shock:
  17. I second the sunscreen. I am 35, have had three skin cancers removed, and have about a half dozen more currently awaiting the cut.
    A lovely combination of pasty white British skin and a mother who used to drag me to the beach every day during the school holidays when I was young did a lot of the damage. Workng on boats has done the rest.
    They say you can stop getting more skin cancers by staying out of the sun, but I haven't had my legs sunburnt in 20 years, and I have a few skin cancers on them.
    The best sort of sunscreen is the alcohol based types, Banta being my favourite. Be sure to let the alcohol solvents evaporate before putting synthetic clothing on or near it though. some may be damaged by it.
    And I use sorbolene cream on my hands occasionaly, when I get cracked skin on my fingers after a day's working on the cars.
    As for facial moisturiser, the marketing campaigns have not worked on me!
    I do use lip balm occasionally though.
    By the way, if you think it may be a skin cancer, get it checked. Once they get to a certain size (not very big at all) they must be surgically removed, and that leaves a scar, no matter how good teh surgeon is!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. At 57 it's probably a bit late for me to be worrying about my skin, but for you folk who smoke, just be aware that it's destroying the skin on your face, leave aside the wind and stuff from riding.

    Lip balm when I ride, though, without fail....... (and ear plugs, want to keep what's left)

    Andrew's skin cancer warning should be in bold type; and for you folk bringing up children, doctors say most of the damage that show later in life (see Andrew's experience) is done before the age of 15. Slip, slop and slap the little blighters; they'll thank you later....
  19. As long as your not wearing hot pants, butterfly wings and body glitter ! :LOL:
    Kylie on your song list is not ghey ! :rofl:
  20. i think people underistimate the power of sunscreen!!! i work outdoors everyday so i am pretty paranoid about my skin, especially my face, so im always putting the stuff on, even in winter.

    as for dry hands, i use barrier cream. especially when im using concrete at work, but sorbolene is just as good :grin:

    and what andrew said, 'get it checked'

    cat :wink: