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Skill v stupidity...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by devochka, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. #1 devochka, Jan 5, 2011
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    Where's the line?

    Herrero's Motor team (?) mucking around and having fun.

  2. Stupidity?? This is one of the all-time greatest bike vids. Ever. Period.
  3. Legendary. A dying breed.
  4. I think that has a lot of stupid in it. But they were on a closed circuit and wearing all the gear, and a lot of it didn't look that fast. I'd also go as far to say that they were doing a lot of things that a large number of motorcyclists either have done, or want to at least try (I know some of that looked like hella fun to me).

    Now I know what antics i can get up when I have lost the fear of failing off.
  5. Agree, but you want to know the reason why?

    Stupidity. Dicking around just coz they can.

    I loved it.
  6. If I was ever going to grow up, I'd want to be just like those guys...
    Insane, but in the "Hey, watch THIS crazy shite" kinda way...
  7. Awesome. PURE AWESOME!!!!
  8. It's a two edged sword, it takes a certain level of stupidity to develop that amount of skill...

  9. LOL @ having a guy on the front of your motorcycle. It would bike like having a threesome and trying hard not looking into his eyes.

    But then again, im a firm believer in the 1 penis per motorcycle rule
  10. ROFL - You're doing it wrong!
  11. Really it comes down to how it was used in this thread. You might call it stupidity, but you don't mean it in a negative way do you? I'd say they're crazy sobs, but that can be a mark of respect. Only on Netrider would stupidity be in the thread title when this vid is posted. To even ask "skill vs stupidity" means you are not in awe of the awesomeness of these guys, and if you ride a motorcycle that is a damn shame.
  12. She doesn't ride, deadsy, AFAIK.

    I wouldn't call any of it stupid, really. Just fun! All wearing ATGATT and in controlled situations (ie, track etc).

    I'd call it CRAZY but in a CRAZY AWESOME way :D
  13. Crazy, mucking around in a reasonably safe environment, not really stupid but not really sane? shows how much fun you can have in full leathers with wrecking bikes, f_ck its funny isn't it?
    Love the 5 knees down and at the very start where he just rams the other rider, classic!

    and Deadsy, stop bagging out netrider and its members :D ;) (y)

    edit: Tongue in cheek!
  14. love it, great video!

    Countersteering when it does not work, pushing the bar to full lock!
  15. Seriously Devo, we need to get you either a root or a ride, you're just missing out on too much fun.
  16. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    shes a carpet licker chef :D

    but first time ive seen that, loved it, wish i could ride like that
  17. One of things I discovered as I was growing up is I like the chicks that like the boys, cos they don't try and turn you into a chick ;)
  18. definitely. Not even sure stupid is suitable in the way I used it. Dumbassery might be closer. Dicking around is just about spot on. The closest it came to stupid was the towings - the skis and the guy in the bin.
  19. Cool video, never seen it before.

    Only thing I thought was a little stupid was in the barrel going over the track bump but none the less awesome video, guy does a cartwheel when he crashes his bike lol.
  20. deadset best movie ive ever seen love it