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Skill - been impressed by others?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. i live just off one of those roads that are 'favoured' by motoring enthusiasts. rice burners, sports cars, v8's, Mcycle. one of the favoured meeting places for Mcycle posted rides in SA is at windy point. 1km from my place. so i am very accustomed to hearing a varity of very loud high performance machinery, screaming up the road. its part of the reason i dont get good sleep here.

    knowing this background, it takes something special for me, to turn and look at a spectacle anywhere else.....but a few days ago that happened.

    i was quite a distance from the traffic lights in the north of adelaide. (i live in the south) and i heard a scream from an R1 (too far away to tell) type of bike. the noise was insane. he wasnt interested in changing up any time soon, so it was close to the redline i imagine, when i couldnt resist looking.....he would have been 250 -300 meteres from the lights, by now, and the front wheel was still up and he just lowered it. i dont know how fast an R1 or that type of bike can get up to in 300 meters, but is 150kph in the ball park?

    a person wont be around very long, if he does 'tricks' like that regularly, but as far as the skill is concerned, i was utterly amazed.
  2. i got passed like i was standing still the other day on some 30k/hr corners... 80k/hr zone and I was doing 70...

    And it wasn't a gradual pass either, it was blam and he was gone...

    Its that old saying, there is always someone better... Some of these dudes have to be close to the "bestest" :D
  3. Your fukn kidding me right??
  4. The Australain nanny state brainwashing is working
  5. I would'nt worry to much. There are alot of very skilled riders around, who at their ability levels doing what appears to be outrageous riding, who, at their 'seemingly' dangerous levels are quite a bit safer and within their personal limits than a noob wobbling around up there at the speed limits.

    It's really cool when i'm out riding and pushing myself a bit and a few blokes come up on me, don't crowd my line, but then sweep past into the next corner and rail through it, leaving me behind. :)

    Indeed, there is always someone better and faster, at their own pace.
    I get to admire it more now being on the 675, but it is clear that guys recognise, not to be too enthusiastic in the corners chasing a 675, and wait for my comparative weak point, which is in straight line power, compared to their thou's. It's cool. :)
  6. i recon a decent sized pothole at 150kph (more/less?) on one wheel, would have a slight effect on stability....
  7. Yes, but it would be twice as bad if both wheels hit it.

  8. Depending on his skill level, yes. But at least hitting something with back wheel is less of a problem than the front. If one has to hit a road blemish, being under power with the weight of the front, is better.

    I would expect that if he was well experienced he should spot it and be prepare, otherwise pulling mono's is the limit of his skill, and he's a nob.
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  10. At the least. More like ~200kph if trying hard from a standstill.
  11. If that wheel was your front wheel yes, on the back wheel under hard power (not so much near balance point) sports bikes can cope with some wild shit if you don't freak out and balls things up yourself and as Raven said a good rider probably should have seen anything nasty coming anyhow. The guy could be a retard who can pop a mono or a very good rider, for all we know, it is hard to tell from our point of view. You are the only one who watched it and if you think a power up on a 1k(ish) bike requires skills that deserve internerd props then I don't much trust your opinion on the matter either.
  12. Just about every time I go on a group ride, I am humbled. I'm not a terribly fast rider, as much as I wish I were.
  13. So let me see if I've got this straight.

    You can't do wheelies, therefore anybody that can wont be around long.

    Sounds like chick logic.
  14. Don't put him in with me - I think this is the goup he is looking for:

    Click Me!!!
  15. Obviously you dont know a great deal about bikes,
    He was sitting on the same revs and just keeping the front wheel in the air,
    If you get on the internet, and look up wheel stands on bikes, you will see that they go for miles on the back wheel, staying in the same gear, or going up through the gears,
    Turbo Blackbird still holds the world record for one kilometre on the back wheel at 300 KPH,

    As for going through potholes, you dont, you go around them, Thats what the good lord gave you eyes for, Hahahahahahaha
  16. I am constantly impressed by and often envious of the skill levels of other riders. As they go past me I often think, "why can't I do that?"
  17. You just need more practice, Hahahahaha
  18. I saw a guy go past road warriors cafe in mt white standing on the fuel tank. He warmed up with a 100+ KPH rolling burnout and some wheelies etc. Anyone that knows the spot knows it's not flat, straight or great surface. That made my jaw drop!
  19. back when i was living up north i was at work (shop was on the side of the highway) working in the shed and saw a xr600 come out of an intersection, rider stood up on the pegs, threw the front wheel at the sky and it just stayed there til he rode from view (maybe half km).
    also my first ride up over mt tambourine. chick on a cbf250 made me realize i need more twisties in my diet
  20. I've seen a lot of bits over the years that impressed me. One that I particularly enjoyed was at a car race meeting back in the days when Barry Sheene was working as a commentator on (I think it was) channel 9. In the pre race build ups they had some stunt riders, so they sent Bazza down trackside for the low down. One of the stunt crew recognised him and pulled up next to him and told him to have a go. Bazza was trying to get out of it but the crowd took up the cheer, so he shrugged to the camera, put down the mike, hopped on and started doing standing rolling burn-out do-nuts, just like the other guys were doing. Completely impromptu - just jumped on and did it. And he was just as good as any of the other guys doing it. Now you don't get to be 500cc WC without some skills, but he was long retired when he did that. It was great television.