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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cygnus, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. So, I was thinking the other day, that motorcycle gear - particularly the waterproof textile jackets and pants, and also gloves, should make for good ski gear right? I mean, they're essentially the same right?

    In fact, the motorcycle gear would provide more protection (depending on the gear of course).

    So, has anyone skied using their motorcycle gear before? If so, how did it turn out?

  2. Hmm, seems like there was already athread on this a while ago, for some reason it didn't turn up in my search.
  3. I haven't skied in motorcycle gear, but I have skied in sailing gear and it worked fine - you need a good thermal layer obviously.
  4. Jacket, Yes... I pulled all the armour out of an old textile jacket years ago to wear as a waterproof shell over my leather one. Now I also take it skiing on warmer days when I don't need anything thicker

    As for gloves, DON'T try them for snowboarding, lent a pair to a friend for that exact purpose, and they came back with the fingertips worn through
  5. yep, used bike jacked and sailing jacket...both work just fine.
  6. Yep, ride to snow, go skiing, then ride home. Or to wherever you're staying.
  7. i suppose if you suffer from target fixation on the bike that you may as well ski with your motorbike helmet on too.. :)
  8. If you've got no issue with turning yourself into a humanoid ice statue, go for it.
  9. if you use them only as an outer layer then you might get away with it. Ski jackets are deceptively warm for their weight. Mine is a pretty reasonably priced Billabong jacket and when I was in New Zealand last year I could wear it in 0C weather with nothing underneath but a polypropylene t-shirt (short sleeve even). Don't suggest it was because how slow I was going either, can easily do 60 km/h+ while turning like I'm on rails. Hell if I could ride as well and confidently as I ski I'd be set.

    Found this thread with a suit because I was actually curious about doing the opposite: wearing my ski jacket cold/wet days in winter with some form of protection underneath, Similarly with my gloves. I know the gloves wouldn't offer protection and I don't like the idea of that but frozen hands don't tend to work well either. They are thinner/ have more feel than bike gloves with inners. Only for the commute of course, not on the highway.

  10. I've got this waterproof goretex something or other thing i wear skiing that is designed exactly for that. It's breathable and has 0 padding/hardly any insulation so there is plenty of room for a jacket underneath (thats the idea of it). I'll try it out next time it's wet over my leather alpinestars and see how it goes.