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Skiing - Whos going...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Well, I got a small amount of tax back, and upon some good advice ( ;) ) I might go for a day or a few days to the snow (I know mid-week will prob be cheaper), and looking to see if anyone else is going up, buller, hotham, falls, somewhere else....

    Haven't been on the planks for a while, and i wasn't any Olympic champion back then, but i like a good cruise.

    Can provide transport for 1 other person if you're needing it. :)
  2. Give it a week or two Dave and and I will join you.Still healing my knee from 2 weeks ago, when had to dodge newbie hacks at bottom of Heavenly Valley Mt-Hotham who decided to cut in front of me not once,not twice,but thrice.
  3. Me

    Hey there, we haven't met, but I'm always up for a ski. I work shifts, so quite often have week days off, but no-one to head up with mid-week. I hate the thought of days off wasted, when I could be skiing, but not much fun on my own.
    I've got transport though as well if needed - a 4WD with chains/roofrack.
  4. Would love to go but dont think i can squeeze it in between now and when the snow melts :(
  5. Well now, who gave you THAT advice? ;)

    Any and all participants - hands are to remain above the waistline at all times - or you'll have a bitchy red head to deal with :cheeky: :demon: :angel:
  6. Me or you Peah :roll:
    Dave I have a season's pass for Hotham so would personally only be interested in there or maybe :? Flat-err sorry, Falls Creek. (I say this as not to try and sound like a pretentious skiing pratt,but just to clarify that I already have 1k invested in passes,that I fully intend to cash in on to there full extent,soon as I heal. So other mountains :? aint a going concern to mwah :grin:)
  7. *chuckles* you can be my eyes up there ;)
  8. We'll be skiing Hotham on the weekends of

    Sat/Sun 11/12 August

    Fri/Sat/Sun 17/18/19 August

    we have already got arrangements in place, but if anyone else is going to be up there on those weekends, let me know and we'll certainly hook up for a ski :grin:
  9. Movin - hey mate, well if all goes to plan, i'd be looking late august or early sept anyway, and more than happy to go hotham.

    donski1 - howdy, that sounds good too... and hadn't thought about chains... will have to take them into consideration as well.

    peeahh - peeahh, peeahh, peeahh... :-w ;)

    Got dad looking into accom at the moment, if he can get discount may stay up there, if not, may stay in bright...

    Doing some maths (please add comments if you can get better);
    2 Days of lift tickets: $180 (for those without season passes)
    2 Days of hiring skis, boots, poles, jacket and pants: $88 (for those without stuff)
    Accom: $?? (TBA)
    Chains: $35 (if they are needed)

    Besides food, anything else needing to be considered?
  10. Yes? :p
  11. Sounds good Dave.I subloxated my knee so its still a bit ouchy at the mo :? Soon as Im healed and home I going anyways but its probably at least 2 weeks away and then Im interstate unfortunately.
    Have to go away with work mid August for 2 weeks and early September same, so available dates your quoting I think I will be home and healing time factored in,should be perfect with what your planning.

    Tell your dad to look into club lodges.Should get 5 days midweek for around 300 ish? :grin: He may have to hunt a bit.They dont exactly like giving out there details at the booking service sometimes as there basically like backpacker communal living and tonnes cheaper alternatives to most places on mountain.Exactly like what we did with that ride to Hotham and staying at Trapdoor.Trapdoor is a club lodge-in fact I would email them and mention NR and see what they say.
  12. Nothing to worry bout

    Nothing to worry bout from here Peah (if I've understood the gist correctly). Definitely don't need or want anyone else's man - not my style. I can assure you it's all about the skiing. I've worked a couple of seasons here and o/s and love the bumps and the trees. It's been pretty frustrating been down here in Melbs this season and knowing there is actual snow up in our hills. Nearly comtemplated working up there again this year, but too risky a proposition give our snow history.

    I have to say as well, Hotham is definitely the go over Falls. Accomm can be a bit cheaper (nicer) at Dinner Plains as well. For those with student cards - Buller on a Tues is half price lift tix.
  13. I've been told :roll: I'm taking my 7yo nephew to the tobogan run at Lake Mountain again this season.

    Personally I hate snow and when field based spent way to much time dragging my arse up the various snow fields fixing faults at sites I had to walk to, with a tool box in tow, from the car park on wet slippery tracks.

    I certainly got to know the roads up to Buller, Falls & Hotham fairly well :grin:
  14. :evil: Bugger!

    I've just recieved my rego and stuff due, so i am probably going to have to give this a miss :( sorry bout that...
  15. just for anyone else's info:
    In VIC, chains WILL be needed, it's an offence not to carry them in the vehicle, including 4WD's
    Resort Entry per day per vehicle - $30
    Don't forget to include a helmet in your gear rental. You've got more chance of belting your noggin skiing or boarding than you do riding the bike !
    Petrol (snow prices)