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Skiing on a sit-ski - the best fun I've had in 2 years!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grrrl, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. So on the weekend, Stewy and I went sking up at Falls Creek...

    Now most of you know that I obviously can't ski in the usual way... I required a sit-ski.
    Stewy hired some ski's and I got fitted out with a 'Mountain Man' sit-ski (I named him Bruce :LOL:)

    Those things get going pretty bloody fast!!
    At the end of the first go down Drovers Run I was the sitting version of this >>> :dance:

    In fact, I still can't wipe the smile off my face - it was the best fun I've had in the 2 years since my accident!

    they are hard to control though... to start off with, the ski-guide was controlling it for me, then gradually controlling it less and less as I was learning to take over, and by the end, they were attaching a tether and skiing up to 4 metres back from me...

    I had plenty of stacks... pretty harmless stuff though, I'm still grinning :grin:

    Here are some pics, and then a youtube video!!

    The video shows how 'Bruce' and I got on and off the chair lift, then a bit of skiing, and a nice graceful stack!! :LOL:



    STEWY ^ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ME ^


    The youtube video:
  2. yep what a weekend, i went from not sure about this whole skiing thing to when can i get back to have another crack at it......a huge thanks to doonks loaned me snow gear and to others that offered gear.....and those i called last minute seeking advice :LOL:
  3. Told ya its a :woot: oh, and if you cant stop, when in doubt, fall over :grin: works every time :LOL: and dont hurt like bitchumen eh
  4. Excelent stuff :grin:

    The snow is great... pity Adam didn't say anything ;) :p

    Amen to that one :LOL:
  5. Dear Lenna, you're braver than I;
    I'd probably just sit and cry
    If I lost me legs
    I'd just tap me mates' kegs
    And show 'em who ate all the pie.

    But sloth for ol' Lenna? Oh no.
    There's places a wheelchair won't go.
    So this mental shiela
    Has ditched her 4-wheeler
    To slide round on her arse in the snow.
  6. You've obviously never gone over on ice. :(
  7. Way to Go Lenna!!!
    looks like you all had a ball
  8. That's awesome Lenna! Great pics and video :)

    Seany and I are hitting the slopes this weekend :woot: Can't wait!
  9. looks like u had soooo much fun lenna! :grin:

    can't believe how fast u go :dance:
  10. Goodonya Lenna.
  11. Linky video no worky :(
    And geez Adam, with your stance there, you look like a natural :grin:
    :-k You know on a nice spring sking day in late September, if you skied holding 'Bruce', naked behind a naked Lenna, and someone skied backwards in front of Lenna, taking video of the whole thing, the view would look pretty similar to something like this :bannanabutt:
  12. :LOL: yeah think i might master my skiing first

    wasn't too bad considering by the time we got up to the top on the first day i missed the morning ski lesson (didn't even know how to get my ski's on) :shock: :LOL: had the 12.00 lession instead and by 2.00pm i was making my way down the green runs with lenna though at that time lenna with her 3 guides would ski down and then turn around and wait for me.....by the end of the day though they weren't waiting for me, and i had mastered the getting on the lifts....though the getting off was still alittle interesting :oops:

    After some quick lessions with 1 of the guides sunday morning, it quickly became a waiting for lenna, except for another girl cleaning me up from the side, but i just reckon it was her way to introduce herself to me :LOL:
  13. Yeah I had same introduction technique last season at Hotham, accept she was 70+ yrs old :? and she introduced herself to Mr lateral, and medial ligament, and they took an instant disliking to each other, 1 public hospital knee reco waiting list later :cry: