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Skid !!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Ridding home from work yesterday some douche bag pulled out infront of me.

    i had no where to go but hit the brakes and hope for the best...

    rear locked up slid everywhere fishtailing towards the ass end of this commodore...

    i pulled up just in time.. for this bloke to wave at me and say sorry...

    i get home and discovered this

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  2. That tyre looks like it was well past the wear indicators already. :-s

    Maybe next time you should try and control your braking so that you DON'T lock it up.
  3. tyre was pretty low but that just topped it off... anyway got a new one fitted today.
  4. I had something similar happen in Gumbieville last week, locked the rear causing the bike to step out (maybe more road camber related ?) and automatically got off the rear brake for a fraction of a second, which made the bike stand up straight again.

    Got the wave and mouthed sorry from the old car driver. I put it down to good experience after being off bikes for so long.

    I also think my sim-racing with my Aussie club has helped to improve my reaction times, because years ago I would have stayed on the rear brake and tried to hold the slide.

    Glad to hear you survived, and, put some new rubber on.. that old one looked dangerous.
  5. i had to travel 52ks on that old tyre ... brings me to my next topic... DUNLOP TYRES ARE SHIT!!!!!! only lasted 5,000 ks... getting front replaced aswell next week
  6. Thast tyre died years ago. How do you lean over that shoulder on it ??? Looks more like it would fall over it.
    So my question is. Why didn't you release the rear brake ????
  7. wow, 5000kms.

    I WISH i could get that kind of milage!
  8. Actually the wear indicators are clearly visible and haven't been reached yet, unless there were wear indicators in the middle which have been completely removed . . . but the tyre is awfully squared off. EDIT: Oh wait. There are wear indicators just visible in the siping off centre of the tyre, and they are worn well down. Trully a rooted tyre then.

    It's a cruiser. Rear brakes are expected to be used on it. Some better control would help though.

    If you learn to lean around corners you might get an extra 50K out of the next one. :) Although current speed limits and road design might make that hard, or at least illegal.
  9. Looking at that tyre, either the roads are really straight where you ride, you do a lot of burn outs, or you lock your rear very regularly
  10. burnouts yes , and freeway ridding everday. it is my daily ride.. my harley is used for the twisties and tours

    if i release the rear brake i would have for sure hit the car... i had great control of the bike.. fish tailing down the street avoiding gutters a medium strip and the commadore.. thought i did quite well that i didnt drop it or face plant the boot...

    New Pirelli

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  11. I got a hole in the rear a while ago, it had worn right through in one 25cm section, even though there was tread on the other side. I can't remember ever locking up the rear either. It was a cheapish tyre, so I replaced it with something a bit better.

    It looks like the average cruiser wear pattern to me. If you lean over any more, you scrape the pegs (or in my case, the plates)
  12. my chassis scraps before my pegs lol... thats on the daily on my hog the floor boards hit first
  13. Try setting your brake lever so it doesn't lock up if you panic stab. Should also dial it in as your pads wear down and when you replace your pads.
  14. cheers for the info chef will do... the daily is drum rear darn it.. so takes a bit more to stop
  15. Maybe, but a braked but unlocked wheel will slow you down a shitload faster than a sliding locked one.

    I haven't ridden a VT750, though, which I seem to recall is your ride, so I don't know how controllable the rear brake is.
  16. yeh daily is vt750 weekender fatboy low
  17. Yeah drummies do tend to lock up as they get hot and grab half way through a brake.
    But you are always better off releasing and reapplying. A locked up rear wheel is as good as sticking your foot out.
    If it does it a fair bit I would take the pads out and hit them with some emery cloth. Stops the squeeks too.
    You can clearly see the camber wear on that old tyre too.
    On a sports bike the front tyres inflation is critical. On a cruiser its the rear.
  18. cheers for that advice.. i will pull them out this weekend and give it a look.. i adjusted the brake today but will check the linnings
  19. You 'descovered' that your tyre is warn out and useless!!?
    If you'd hit, the insurance company would deny your claim, because your bike is unroadworthy.

    If I was you, I'd see what else you might be able to ''descover'....
  20. Yep, you need those special tyres that will get you 20-25,000 k's wear.
    You bought the wrong tyres, so it's the tyres fault. You nearly crashed because the tyre was BALD. That must have been the shit Dunlops as well, eh!

    Do try to be smarter...you'll live longer!
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