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SA Skateboarder riding accross the Nullarbor raising money fined!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smileedude, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. All I can say is WTF? I just saw this on 'The Project' and they are paying the fine.


  2. Riding a skateboard on the road is pretty stupid.
    Doing it for charity doesn't make it less stupid.

    Without knowing the road in question and the traffic/accident history it's hard to know if the cop overreacted or not.
  3. With a support Van, and hi-vis vest etc. he obviously went out prepared. Personally I'd say this is pretty BS, especially since it states that the two years of prep included notifying police along the path to be traveled.
    It's for a charity...
  4. Agree with all you've said, but in Victoria skateboards are entitled to full use of the roads since 2009.

    Obviously SA has not yet gone Vicwhacky.
  5. Yes it may be stupid and dangerous if you just woke up one morning and decided to cross the Nullabor on your own. This, however, was a charity event which was carefully planned with notification to police. A support van would have greatly reduced the risk (especially if the van had flashing amber lights like a Christmas Tree)...no different to oversized vehicles which move way below the speed limit.

    Shame on the police officer.
  6. **** this kind of shit annoys me, this guy is obviously doing this for a great cause and the police have nothing better to do than fvck up his good work. He is wearing a high vis vest and has a support van, he has obviously planned this and is paying attention to safety.

    Fvck our society and laws can be ridiculous at times.
  7. this is why people call cops pigs.
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  8. I read this the other day, and i was disgusted.. hes doing something for charity.. he notified police, he was prepared with a support vehicle and high vis vest.

    And some cop who obviously hadn't met his quota for the day.. decides to fine him.
    The point being the bloke notified police and had their blessing, and had been pulled over already and had no fines from the other officers...

  9. A different report I read said that there's exemptions in SA available for this kind of thing and he didn't apply for one. Dunno how much research he really did.
  10. At the same time him and his orginisers must be absolutly loving the media attention that this has gained. $108 fine (which has been covered by channel 10) is nothing compared to national coverage. The only loser is the image of road cops, who well lets face it don't have much to lose anyway. I wouldn't be suprised if the skater intentionally said all the wrong things. Good on him.
  11. Ok, someone has obviously got there facts mixed up with this news report. 200kms from Adelaide is nowhere near the Nullarbor it's awfully close to Port Pirie and the closest town to that distance is Crystal Brook.

    This is the location and area coverage of the York Mid North LSA which was mentioned in the news article. Headquarter Port Pirie, SA.


    If he was anywhere near the Nullarbor then it would come under Ceduna which is about 770kms from Adelaide and the Nullarbor a further 250/300kms away.

    From SA skateboard rules


    Where can’t I skate?
    To increase your safety and that of other road users
    skating is not allowed on roads with a dividing strip or
    centre line (continuous or broken). This includes not
    using any bike lanes on these roads.
  12. Ahhh, South Australia. Where it's considered weird to do anything considered normal in any other state. Been there a few times, makes me appreciate living in Sydney more and more each time i return. If something makes you appreciate living in Sydney, it's a bad, bad place.